Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What?! MORE Lovecraft? Really?!?

Exciting news! I've just received final word... I've been asked to participate in the Dr. Henry Armitage Scholarship Symposium at this year's NecronomiCon in Providence, RI. I'll be presenting my article on Lovecraft's development of a unique mythos.

So, I'll be making the pilgrimage to H.P. Lovecraft's beloved Providence in August to attend the conference and convention!

In other words, I'll be hobnobbing with various other weird fiction weirdos like myself for 4 days!

It's also a momentous time to be in Providence. Why? The conference runs from August 20th through August 23rd. The 20th is HPL's 125th birthday!

This is a great honor and I'm sooooo excited to make the trip to Providence. In addition to visiting Providence, and walking in HPL's footsteps, I plan to visit some of the surrounding locales as well.

Things I plan to do  MUST DO while I'm there include:

  • Meet S.T. Joshi and Ramsay Campbell, who will BOTH be there! 
  • Visit Brown University - the basis for Miskatonic University
  • Visit Salem. I was there once back in college, but it was night and I didn't get the opportunity to explore
  • Visit Marblehead and/or Newburyport, the coastal towns that formed the basis for Kingsport and decrepit, dark Innsmouth.
  • On the way home, swing through Sleepy Hollow NY. Just because. 
  • Spend three and a half days immersed in gaming, lectures, and all manner of Lovecraftian shenanigans
  • Find and consume Narragansett Brewing's Lovecraft-themed frothy adult beverages (only available in Rhode Island!) 

This is going to be AWESOME!