Thursday, December 11, 2008

Movie Review - Zombie Strippers (2008)

Zombie Strippers was actually a flick I'd really, really looked forward to seeing and I can honestly say I was not disappointed in any way. In a word -- Zombie Strippers is full of win.

Cheesy, tasty, deep-fried win.

Full of cliches, campiness, and horrible acting - Zombie Strippers tells the story of a secret government weaponized zombie virus that escapes a top secret government labratory in Sartre, Nebraska. It ends up in a strip club where... oh shit, who am I kidding?

The story doesn't matter, man. What matters is that there's ZOMBIES, BOOBS, STRIPPERS, and lots and lots of POLE DANCING.

With appearances by genre god Robert Englund and uber-pornstar Jenna Jameson, this movie revels in how awful it actually is. It dives into the bottom of the septic tank of b-movies and wallows in the fragrant awesomeness it finds there. It's sexy, funny, and self aware in its campiness.

The acting is horrible, with the exception of Robert Englund - who's slumming here - but loving every minute of it. I imagine that some of the other actors and actresses HAVE to be better actors than they let on in this, because they can't be that bad normally. We're talking high school drama club bad - - and the awfulness just makes me love this movie even more.

The best part is that - in an attempt to make a movie about zombified strippers seem somehow highbrow - the plot is a rough retelling of Romanian playwright and Theater of the Absurd movement auteur, Eugene Ionesko's, allegorical play, Rhinoceros. Add to that the reference to Existentialist philosopher, Jean Paul Sartre, and you've got a case study in irony. Remember - this is a movie about ZOMBIE STRIPPERS!

What shines in this movie is the awesome makeup work. Effects supervisor Patrick Magee blew the films budget on some great work here, folks. It's gory, and the zombie makeup is incredible. He manages to make the main stripper characters look gloriously undead, while ensuring that they maintain unquestionable zombie hotness! This movie is a spankfest for necrophiles everywhere.

Of the other actresses in the film, the standout is Jeannette Sousa as Berenge. She's beautiful and rises above the rest of the cast in terms of her acting ability. I was less impressed by porn slut Jenna Jameson. She had a lead role and one would think that, after making hundreds of porn flicks, she'd have taken an acting class or two in her day. (Of course, in all honesty, she became the queen of her chosen business for talents not at all related to acting. Moaning in a lesbian squirt porn does not an Academy Award nominee make...).

Jenna - here's some free advice, doll: If you're going to go legitimate and try to become a serious actress... take a page or two from the Traci Lords book of career resuscitation. DON'T star in a flick called Zombie Strippers and spend 80% of the movie NAKED. We get that your a filthy whore... no need to keep reminding us.

So - if you're looking for a good laugh and a great time, definitely pick up Zombie Strippers. There are times when one needs to sit down, turn off their brain, and revel in mindless, funny entertainment. Bearing that in mind, don't let any level of your higher reasoning engage while watching this. Seriously. Sometimes, it's just kick ass to be dumb sometimes and this flick is all about the dumb. And I mean dumb in the good sense! Doctor Zombie highly recommends!

Doctor Zombie's Rating: 4 out of 5 Chomped Brains!!!

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