Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Generational Evil

So, I’ve been asked a few times about my last name. My REAL last name, that is. It’s Crowley; and yes, I am related to him.

Aleister Crowley, (also known as The Beast and The Most Evil Man to Have Ever Lived) is my great-great-uncle or cousin…or something).

Let me explain.

Dr. Zombie (Me), son of…
- Mr. Zombie, Sr. (Born 1949), son of
- Thomas Marion Crowley (born 1919), son of …
- George Marion Crowley (born 1877), son of…
- Jerome Crowley (Born 1854)

Jerome had either a brother or cousin (the records are hard to decipher),
- Edward Crowley (Born 1856), who was the father of…Edward Aleister Crowley (born 1875)

This is according to a family bible that was started by my great,great,great grandfather, George W. Crowley (Born 1834) that was left to me when my grandfather passed away.

So…what does this all mean? Probably nothing, besides the fact that evil must transcend time and generations.

How else do you explain me and my insatiable hunger for suffering and human blood?

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Phronk said...

Dude, that's awesome! The Black Sabbath song "Mr. Crowley" practically refers to you.

I only share a last name with a Cuban dictator. I hope we're not related.