Thursday, December 28, 2006

Do you smell something burning?

Just a quick update because I’ve been woefully negligent in updating…

It was a good Yule. Zombie Boy and Wolf Girl got everything they asked for from Santa (except for the two or three things they asked for within twelve hours of Christmas. Sorry, kids - - Santa braves the rude and claustrophobia inducing masses at the local mall only once or twice during this ‘alleged’ season of good will. Sorry - - you gotta let him know about the Heelies BEFORE he’s done his shopping.)

So – what’s the new year got in store for Doctor Zombie?

Well – I’ll be working on more writing. I need to finish my current novel and also try to get some freelance work. I’d love to write for some Indie horror movie rags; mags like Fangoria or Rue Morgue, so I’ll be pestering their as yet unknowing editorial staff to let me contribute. I expect I will most likely need to come to the editor’s houses at night, while their sleeping, and do various evil things to them in a coercive attempt to further my own nefarious writing ambitions.

I’ll also be doing more movie reviews in general. Expect a big change in the site within the next few months. I’ll be redesigning it and making it more of an online zine. Don’t worry though, my lvoely undead minions - - I’ll still be blogging.

And then, there’s the big project on the horizon…

I’ve got one word for you: Solar Death Ray.

I’ve been perusing various sites and have decided to start work on my very own Solar Death Ray. Some of the cool sites that have inspired me are, some coolness over at Zombie Squad, and this article on Wired that I found. That and I caught the Mythbusters episode where they attempted to recreate Archimedes Death Ray. I’m not sure about the design I’m leaning towards, but I assure you, you will see updates and pictures of my alpha and beta melting-shit-just-because-it’s-cool! tests.

So - - the new year promises much for Doctor Zombie and my plans for world domination. Happy New Year!

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Phronk said...

Woohoo, sounds like fun. Best wishes with the novel. I'm no fancy published author like you, but I tried to do NaNoWriMo, and it ain't as easy as it looks. Not that it really ever looked easy, I guess, but sometimes delusions can be awfully convincing.