Friday, August 17, 2007

My First Crazy Stalker!

So - two days ago I got a crazy comment from an anonymous poster on my Caffeine, Star trek, and Mullets post.

I was intrigued by the poster's apparent paranoid schizophrenia, so I decided not to delete the comment. I figured I'd just relish this rare view into the inner workings of a deranged mind.

The thing is, I'm still intrigued a day later - so I did a little Googling of some of Anon's crazy chatter and it looks like he's been dumping his evil goo all over Blogger, Wordpress, and other assorted blogging sites for months. It's all the same basic rant, just added on to. Apparently I have the latest, most recently updated incarnation. He's apparently been busy writing more of his racist, anti-religious, paranoid, incomprehensible gibberish - at least when he's NOT fighting off the hungry, human-sized lizards that have been hunting him with a marlin spike.

He did leave an email address:

I am so tempted to write him and ask if he's really as batty as he sounds or if all of this spamming is just some sort of social internet experiment or performance art. Maybe if I get a disposable email I'll do it. I may even pretend to be an adherent to the wisdom he's spreading. Tell him I grok it, I dig it. But not with my regular email. Nuh-uh. No way.

Oooo... but I'm so fascinated with this craziness!



All right, so I've broken down and sent him an email. I actually just recently changed my email provider and my old account is still open - but it will be closed in a few weeks (or whenever this months payment runs out...), so I figured, "what the hell, what can it hurt?".

So what if he inundates my inbox with more psychobabble? I'm getting rid of the account anyway. I've put on my tin foil hat and set myself to baiting the loony, stalker.

The thing is, I feel sorry for the pychopaths. There is a poingnant sadness to the incessant ravings, heeding of voices, and visions of crawling bugs and snakes all over one's body. Whereas I am simply an amoral, murderous, sociopath - I at least have full control over my faculties and can live a normal appearing life. I bet this guy lives in mom's basement, makes "meeping" noises in public, unconsciously pulls his ratty, unwashed hair, and has written gibberish equations explaining God's existence all over the walls of his "secure hideout".

Poor, unfortunate nutjob... now he's got the attention of Doctor Zombie. I expect things won't go well for him...


Even Later Still...

So I held off on actually posting this because I didn't want to scare off Mr. WhackoPants.

Unfortunately, my email was bounced back as "no such email". I guess the mystery ends here, in a dead end...

Too bad that. This guy seemed genuinely and completely monkey shit crazy . Oh well. I'll periodically be checking back on him through Google to see if I can get more information on him as his "manifesto" evolves...


Nölff said...

Jebus Chrizy. I don't know it was actually possible to write a comment that long.

I may be a plea for help

Dr. Zombie said...

Imagine my surprise when I opened up my email to find that shit.

Plea for help? Maybe.

More likely it's a plea for strong anti-psychotics and an end to the voices telling him to abduct the nice lady down the street,chain her up in the basement, and feed her dogfood until she admits she put the radio trackers in his head there on behalf of the CIA...