Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Howl of the Geek

Got a few links…

First off, we have a return to a site that I pimped a while back. The Dead Gentleman are some crazy guys out of Oregon who make low budget flicks that, if they weren’t low budget, would be at home with anything Kevin Smith does. I wrote a review of their first production, The Gamers back in December of 2006. Anyway, I periodically check their site for updates on their sequel - The Gamers: Dorkness Rising (which stars an old friend of mine – the immeasurably talented and beautiful Carol Roscoe). Unfortunately, it is STILL in post-production with no word on when it will be available for purchase. But, despite continuing to make me very sad, they do have a trailer on the site for the film; which makes me marginally less sad. That said, I continue to hope and pray that there will be some movement on the release of the film. So; go to the site, watch the trailer, and join me in my agony of perpetual waiting!

Dear Dead Gentlemen,

Please move it along as I grow impatient.

Doctor Zombie

p.s. – Don’t make me pull out my d20 of Certain Doom. None of us want that!

In other movie news…

In Hollywood’s ever continuing quest to totally rape all that I consider sacred, New Line is resurrecting the Nightmare on Elm Street series. “Cool!” you might say. I might say so also, except for the fact that they’ve decided, for reasons known only to the retards working at New Line Cinema, to have somebody BESIDES Robert Englund play Freddy Krueger. That’s right, you read that correctly. They’re recasting Freddy Krueger. At least that’s the rumor out there. They’re “re-imagining the series”. And this really, really pisses me off. That’s not to say that the series couldn’t use some help. The franchise declined pretty steadily as the 80’s and early 90’s marched on, sucking the very life out of the series. Freddy, like Jason Voorhees, became a parody of himself. He was redeemed somewhat in Freddy vs. Jason as they returned him to his badass, evil, roots; but the films that immediately preceded that were mediocre at best. The thing is, in Wes Craven’s original, Freddy was one of the greatest horror icons of all time. I remember watching the original at a girl’s house back in high school and feeling an unfamiliar, but exhilarating tingle. And it wasn’t because of the girl. It was a feeling of fear. From a horror movie. And, although that’s common for many people, it is, even at that point in Doctor Z’s life, sadly uncommon. I’ve seen so many horror movies that I am rarely unable to suspend my disbelief enough to get scared. And there’ve been few movies that do that. Nightmare was one of them, and Hollywood is going to fuck with that. Bastards.

Pop this bad boy into your favorites and keep an eye on it! It’s the official blog for Peter Jackson’s Hobbit. This will, as production starts to roll up, become a daily stop for the good Doctor. Damn, I can’t wait for this film!

Other Links:

Is there any way I can talk somebody into trying this with me? I’m going to call my brother Richie and try to convince him that this is something we need to do. This looks so awesome! I actually have been intrigued by the idea of rallies since I first heard about the Gumball 3000. There’s something about the excitement, adventure, and challenge of racing great distances through exotic, foreign lands. If anybody is interested in trying to do this (of course, Mrs. Zombie may have some decidedly negative thoughts on the idea of my flying to England, buying a cheap car, and driving it from England to Africa – but she’ll come around to my way of thinking. She understands my unreasonable need for fame and adventure), contact me at my email up by my profile. Tell me this wouldn’t be a fucking blast!

Look at this utter insanity!!! I was doing a vanity Google search (Quit looking at me like that! Like you’ve never Google’d yourself!?!) Anyway, I found someone trying to sell a used copy of my book, North Coast Gothic: A Grim Fairy Tale for… get this… $199.44. That’s right – some stooge is trying to sell my book for $200 shekels! Now, I’m more vain and egotistical than most when it comes to my writing. In fact, I’m vain and egotistical about practically nothing save my writing ability. Others may argue that my writing is not good… but they can bite me. I’m fucking brilliant. But I am – without a doubt, and even considering my swollen headed self absorption – most definitely not worth $200. This shit cracks me up! Good luck with the sale, buddy. And, by the way, if you, dear reader, are interested in a copy of my book - I always recommend you check it out over at The link’s on the right, up above, under “My Writing”. Besides being only $12.95 (as opposed to $200!!) they have a great review of it. And yes, I did just shamelessly plug my book. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a self-promoting douchebag. What are you gonna do about it?

I’ve two new blogs that I’m going to be adding to my blogroll just because they’re really, really cool.

The first is the Zombie Workout blog. The author is an out of work TV writer who’s decided she needs to get in shape to pass the time until the writer’s strike is over. But, instead of joining a gym and spending a few hours a week on an elliptical, she’s decided to look at it in terms of usefulness. And, when looking at practicality, nothing tests one’s fitness as surely as a post apocalyptic world overrun by ravenous, rotting zombies. She explains it much better than I do, so check out the site. Funny thing is she popped in at Zombie Squad last week. I’m not sure what that says, other than the fact that the zombie preparedness world is much smaller than one thinks…

The second blog is The Daily Coyote. This one wins just because of the photography. But besides that, and for those who don’t know, Doctor Z. is a dog person. I love dogs and, much to Mrs. Zombie’s eternal frustration, I sometimes care more for dogs than I do human life. Few things are capable of melting Doctor Zombie’s cold, unfeeling, undead heart – but dogs are the definite exception. And that love for dogs extends to coyotes. Often, when camping here in Ohio, one finds themselves awakened by the eerie howls and yips and ululation of coyotes at night. At first, there’s a twinge of primal fear at the sound, but then it transforms into wonder. I hope to, someday soon, go camping somewhere where there’re wolves. How cool would that sound?!? Anyway, check out this site for the cutest damn coyote on the internet!

And to round out today’s linking goodness… I have this funny piece about biological diversity. It’s about the wonderful insect world, of which I want absolutely nothing to do. Dear dark Pagan Gods - I hate bugs! If you suffer any entomophobia… don’t click the link. I’m serious. Don’t do it. If you think I’m fucking around, and click it, you’ll be sorry. Seriously. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

That’s all for now dear readers. I’ve actually been remiss in updating like I should. I’ll try to be better, but no promises – I’m working on my newest novel. That’s taking up a lot of my creative writing time. We’ll see about my being less of a slacker…


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Randal Graves said...

I'm not necessarily against remakes/reimaginings/reinterpretations, whatever you want to call them, but first Halloween, and now Nightmare on Elm Street? Yikes.