Friday, March 28, 2008

The Truth Is Out There...

Wow. This is shaping up to be a geek-tastic summer for films.

First we have the Hellboy sequel, production has begun on Peter Jackson's The Hobbit, The Watchmen is finally coming to film, and Stephen King has approved a Dark Tower film. Add into that the Dark Knight/Batman sequel and other assorted goodness; and I'm one very happy sci-fi, comic book, horror geek!

But - topping all of that off... word has leaked on the internet of a sequel to something that consumed every friday night of my life back in the 90's.

I'm talking about X-Files 2.

Some trailer's have leaked to the internet and can be found over at this blogger site devoted to the film.

This has me so damned excited! I'm in a fanboy frenzy about this one.

I'll admit it - - I loved X-Files. And I hung with the show all the way to the end - even after Duchovny all but disappeared and Gillian - dear, sweet Gillian made just some random token appearances. And indeed - the show jumped the shark when Robert Patrick and Annabelle Gish too over, but I was a devoted fan throughout. And - like I said, my prime single years back in my twenties were based on The X-Files. If anybody planned on parties, or drinking, or clubbing on a Friday night; it HAD to wait until after 10 and after The X-Files was over.

How much of an X-Files geek am I? Here's how much. I can tell you when I saw the first X-Files movie. It was June 19th, 1998.

And why do I know that?

Because I went to a 1 pm showing of the movie with my brother Aron, and was hard pressed to pick up my tuxedo and make my own wedding rehearsal. Yes, I had to revel in the wonder that is Dana Scully. And yes, that's right - my wedding (which was on June 20th)had to have a viewing of the X-Files movie worked into the plans.

And Mrs. Zombie wonders to this day why she married me (when, in fact, I've told her from day one she would be very quickly the Ex-Mrs. Zombie if I ever had a shot with Gillian Anderson.)

She should have run, but I guess she - like all women - is powerless when faced with the awesomeness of Doctor Zombie. (Maybe not so much that as the power of my patented, oscillating, Scramblomatic Hypno-ray. It's like Roofies without the bad headache and confusing sense of shame the morning after.)


Randal Graves said...

I thought Robert Patrick was pretty damn good on the show, but man, the plot just became so ridiculous. Messianic babies and super soldiers? When you build up a mythology, nuke the bad guys - then go on for 3.5 more years? Though X-Cops is a criminally underrated episode.

A lot are kind of bummed about this being a stand-alone (that we know of, officially) instead of a big alien thing, but I'd rather it just be GOOD instead of trying too hard.

Still pissed they took the Lone Gunmen out of this mortal coil, though. ;-)

Phronk said...

You've got one awesome Mrs Zombie to put up with extreme geekishness like that. Nice.

I was just thinking today that someone better get started on a Dark Tower series of movies before King kicks the bucket. Even now they probably won't finish it in time unless they rush it. And let's hope they don't...and that it doesn't turn out to be shit like 80% of King books made into movies.