Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cheating Death Part II

And the documenting of my Motorcycle accident goes on!

Day two of the swollen angry thigh from hell!!!

Fear the bruise! Fear my angry bruise! Muwahahahah!

Don't mind the gratuitous shot of my Spiderman underwear...


chrissy said...

Um, ow! I'm glad you're ok, you boob. Chicks dig scars, not bruises. Owie.

Dr. Zombie said...

Whatever. Meh.

Admit it - that comment was thrown out there to distract from the fact that you're all hot and sweaty because of my fat, meaty thigh and worn Spiderman boxer shorts.

It's ok to admit it, Chrissy. You're not the first woman to get the vapors because of my groovy, undead charm!