Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bad Eye Films

As I've gotten older, I've realized that living in Cleveland's not so bad. Seriously. I've learned to appreciate our little town on The Lake and feel like it has so much more to offer than most other Midwestern cities.

There's the proud, rich history; the architecture; the eclectic mix of cultures; and the loyalty of it's myriad denizens.

Most of all - I love Cleveland's artistic side. As an artist myself, I feel that we've got a diverse, highly talented arts scene that should be the envy of any big city. And in this I feel especially fortunate. I can't begin to count how many talented, creative, brilliant people I've met since starting this blog and promoting my own writing locally.

In fact, I recently made the acquaintance of a fellow writer named Christine who also works at the company where I spend my time when I'm not working. This major corporation is also "the place that pays my bills" because - if I had to rely on my writing income - my kids'd probably starve. Which would make a great story, but would also make me have to deal with the hassle of Child Services and crap. The sacrifices we make to avoid dealing with child starvation, pleas of "Daddy! My kidney's are shutting down!" and the onerousness of a nosy government bureaucracy, huh?!?


Anyway, Christine's involved with a small independent film company based out of Cleveland. In addition to being a talented writer, she's also an actress and has appeared in several of the company's films. Her coolness factor is further enhanced by the fact that she's actually starred as a zombie in one of them.

That's so awesome -- on so many levels!

Anyway, Bad Eye Films is headed up by Michael Scott Manne, an architect by day, and a film auteur on his nights and weekends. Which, if he were a superhero, would be a pretty damn cool alter ego! As he says in their intro video, Bad Eye Films is just a bunch of friends getting together to make movies and have fun. Or, as Christine elaborated in an email she sent me a week ago, "It's done for fun & to be creative in a way most of us can't at work..."

That right there - the pursuit of creativity and fun - is all the justification any artist should need.

So - in the interest of supporting the local artistic scene, and because I think they're doing some awesome work... please take a look at all of their films at Bad Eye Films' Youtube channel. They specialize in short 'blinks', or short films that are easily digestible. There's some great horror pieces, as well as some comedic elements, and I think they strike a great balance between both.

I've also embedded their intro video below, as well as one of my favorite episodes... starring Christine, of course. For any of my regular readers, if you would, please please please link the videos and spread them across the interwebs. I'd love to see some fellow Clevelander's with a love for horror, zombies, hummus eating cats, and art to get some broader exposure.

Spread the message, my lovely undead zombie minions! So commands Doctor Zombie!

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Michael said...

Thanks Dr. Zombie! We at Bad Eye Films are now your undead zombie minions.