Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This is Getting Ridiculous!

So - back in March, I released my Kindle-only collection of short horror stories, Disturbed Graves: Tales of Terror and the Undead. I designed the cover myself because... well, because I'm a cheap bastard.

I used an online photo provider that I also use for work, and paid for the pictures so that nobody can bust my balls later on. Here's what the cover looks like:

Anyway that was March. In May, I started to see all kinds of press about how the CDC, to make emergency preparedness cool (and to get lots of free internet buzz), put together a Zombie Apocalypse plan. It was basically what we've been doing over at Zombie Squad for years.

Here's their artwork:

And then, just yesterday, I was surfing one of my favorite horror news sites - There I saw the ad for a new movie that came out earlier this week on DVD called, get this, House of Fallen. As an editor and writer, that movie title's an offense against my grammatical sensibilities. Also, since it stars C. Thomas Howell and Corbin Bernsen, it will undoubtedly suck; but that's not the point... the point is, here's the poster and DVD art:

That's right. All three of us used the same imagery, the same model, and photos from the same shoot and same website.

It's really funny to me that government agencies and movie studios (albeit b-grade, schlocky movie studios) use the same resources I do. It's also important that I show my vast superiority and let everyone know (because I have a brilliant intellect, keen design skills, and a gargantuan ego) that I DID IT FIRST!

I'd also love to put links to the CDC, and Phase 4 films; but I'm sure you can do a Google search for that yourself. I will, however, provide a link to my Amazon author page where you can purchase a copy of my short story collection because I am - indeed - a self promoting douchebag who has no qualms about luring you in with the promise of a well thought out blog post (which this is not) and the shiny jewel-like glitter of wit (which I lack).

You should know that by now. Dr. Z's Theater of Terror is really about fart jokes and self promotion.

Don't say I never warned you!

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