Monday, November 06, 2006


Make sure you get out and vote tomorrow (or today if you're reading this on 11/14!). Normally, this'd be the point that I'd go off in some liberal rage at the blunderings of the current administration and its Republican lackeys, but I've actually found someone a little bit more articulate than myself.

I received this in an email from Ken Kish from Cinema Wasteland and it is absolutely beautiful! I couldn't have said it better myself!

Are YOU personally better off than you were just six years ago? Sick of being
called “un-American” by middle aged gay bashing closet homos and Republican
pedophile politicians looking to sex up your teenage son? Sick and tired of
the same old lies and three word slogans designed tocon inbred red staters and those too stupid to breath if it weren't an involuntary function rather than actual leadership in this Country? Is it getting to the point that you feel America is just one big collective spit-dribbling retard and the best thing that could happen is to have the sun explode? Remember that you have the right to vote the worthless bums out on November 6th. Sadly, In Ohio our vote no longer counts (and I just go through the motions so I have the right to bitch) so PLEASE get out and vote before your vote doesn’t matter either... PLEASE!"
Please take some time to go over to Cinema Wasteland and spend some drachmas on some of their stuff. Besides Ken's awesome civic-mindedness, they're doing some great stuff for the whole horror genre!

I command you my evil undead minions! Show them some love and support! AND VOTE!!!!


Simon said...

If I could I would.

Joshua Perdue said...

Nice quote. Thanks for the link.

Phronk said...

Ok I'll vote!

Wait...are Canadians allowed to vote?