Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Guilty Pleasures, Venom, and Filth

Some links have been building up in my saved file and I thought I’d throw them out there.

Still so hot! Lucy counts as a guilty pleasure, and I’m ecstatic that she is on Battlestar Galactica now. She will very likely become my backup, auxiliary Zombie Queen. After Mrs. Zombie of course… It’ll be like Big Love on HBO. Mrs. Zombie will be the Head Zombie Queen, and Lucy Lawless, Charlize Theron, and Sarah Silveman will be the backup Zombie Queens.

Speaking of Sarah Silverman, dark evil gods is she hot! And she’s hot in a different way then most famous babes. Besides the fact that she’s smoking hot looks-wise - - I totally think she’d be cool to hang out with. She’s funny, smart, and would have no problem farting in front of her man.
I want Sarah Silverman.

I want her in a deep, dirty, primal way.

Anybody else think this bodes ill? I expect that there is some Lovecraftian explanation for this and messing with it will cause bad things to happen. I, for one, welcome our new overlord and master, Cthuhlu! Ia Ia Cthuhlu Pthagn!

I found another celebrity with a Blogger account. I think it’s cool that celebs are using the same system as I do. I don’t know if it’s the ease of Blogger for posting, or if it’s just lame-ass cheapness on the part of the celebrity for not hiring a real web designer. Either way, I’m thinking of putting together a blog with links to all the celebrity blogs I can find. Unlike MC Hammer though, ol’ Pete doesn’t have an email address. Too bad, but maybe not so bad. Now I’ll probably get a knock on the door from the Justice Department for linking to the site of a known pederast. Won’t be the first time…

Speaking of getting my name put on a list for some dumbass thing I’ve written… This was an interesting read. John Edwards is really cool, and I was bummed when he didn’t get the Democratic nomination last time around. This time, he seems to really be courting the grassroots Gen X and Y voters with his online campaign blitz. Of course, he runs the risk of what happened in the article. Which brings me to my own stupidity. This blog, and my honesty here, have most likely torpedoed any chance I might have had to be a political force to be reckoned with. Oh well, no loss there. Just kind of funny though – the writer of the article was astute in observing that he would have been a liability to the Edwards campaign. I’m certain my railing against Fundie Christians, the Right Wing whackos, President George W. Fucknut, and anybody else who I don’t like is a definite political liability.

Thing is - - I don’t care.

And in that same vein – once again – Ann Coulter is a dirty whore who exemplifies all that is wrong with the Right Wing Conservative Machinery of Lies and Death. She says exactly what all of the idiots who listens to her and buy her books are thinking. Republicans are ALL racist, homophobic, hate mongerers – and she’s the one they call on to say all the bad things the “Official” RNC can’t say. Don’t think for a minute that the RNC doesn’t encourage her or give her the hateful soundbites she spews like a poisonous ejaculate. And bravo to Edwards for capitalizing on it.

Of course – this whole Edwards thing is academic as Gore will enter the race in August and September and lock up the Democratic nomination. Gore in 2008!!!

By the way – according to this site, I’m banned in China! Woo-hoo! I guess I’m a voice of Democracy and I scare the hell out of the Communist leaders of Big Red. Sweet.

And finally – check out my buddy Snake’s custom shop – Sick Shit Customs. The Snake fucking rocks and, when I finally do get my Harley, he’ll be helping me pimp it out. Rock and roll, brotha!

That is all.


floacist said...

Lucy Lawless a guilty pleasure? What is there to be guilty about? She rocks! ;-)

I wish her character would stay on BSG =/

Phronk said...

I think there must be a Lovecraftian explanation for Ann Coulter. More like Cthulter! Hah!

P.S. I've been meaning to read that short Lovecraft-inspired you posted a while back, and I will get around to it one of these days.

P.S.S. What the hell just happened on that last episode of BSG? I mean, I know what happened, but WHY?

cooltopten said...

Lucy lawless is another sci -fi siren ..yummy :)

great blog, stop by my blog if you have time , i think you may like it.

If you would like to do a reciprical link let me know.

Joshua Perdue said...

Lucy Lawless and Sarah Silverman are both crazy hot!

tfg said...

Damn, I hope they they don't ban me in China. The asian baby trade is an important supplement to my income.