Thursday, March 22, 2007

Some Hot Buttered Links!

I’ ve got some great Theater of Terror related links and news to throw up. Some of them may be a week or two old, but that’s largely because I’ve been so busy with work lately (and I just came back from a three day Communications conference for work. (Craptacular as it may have been. Sigh. ) Anyway, some great, great news out there!

Rob Zombie News!!!! The first is this article from Fango about The Werewolf Woman of the S.S. You may or may not know it, but Rob wrote and directed one of the intermission ‘trailers’ for Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’ orgasm inducing Grindhouse. It’s got some delicious pictures of Sherri Moon Zombie, and looks fan-fucking-tastic! I read another article in the NY Post that said that Grindhouse was almost certainly going to get an NC-17 and much of that rating can be attributed to the nasty little vignette that Rob put together. Rock on! Here are two more links about Rob’s remake of Halloween. There’s some info about the script and story, as well as some casting announcements. All I’ve got to say is that he’s gone and made a brilliant casting choice in Malcolm McDowell as Doctor Loomis. Brilliant! Also, he’s managed to cast Danielle Harris in the film. Danielle played the little girl Jaime in Halloween 4 and 5. You may also recognize her as Bruce Willis’s daughter from The Last Boy Scout (one of the best action movies EVER!). Well, little Danielle grew up into one of the hottest goddamned woman on the planet - - and Rob’s got her doing a nude scene. Rob Zombie is a god among men.

I don’t know about you, but I am soooo excited to see what Zombie does with Halloween. Truth be told, Halloween is one of my top three horror movies of all time. And, if anybody but Rob or John Carpenter himself were to remake it, I’d probably be screaming and actively campaigning to have those responsible garrotted. But it looks like Zombie’s got a great vision and from everything I’ve read, he’s a true fan - - so hopefully he can do it justice. Either way – I’ll be in my seat at the first showing…

In other movie news – Disney’s released the trailer for the new Pirates of the Carribean. Dark Gods help me, I love this series. And I love Keira Knightly… dear, sweet, tiny Keira. I’d sever an undead arm to meet her…

And in British film news – Shaun and Ed, from Shaun of the Dead, are back! Their new movie - Hot Fuzz - will be hitting US theaters in May. Check out the film’s web site and the trailer that can be found there. Looks like more fried gold, chum! Shaun of the Dead was one of the most brilliant, funny movies I’ve ever seen – and I expect these guys will do a similarly great job skewering the cop film genre.

For my friend Stephen – who’s as nutty about the Doctor Who as me – here’s a great little weekend home improvement project. This is cool on so many geeky levels that it defies logic!!!

And in Tech News - Prevent skynet from becoming self aware! Find Sarah Connor!

And – because it’s been a few weeks since one of my rants against organized religions and the Holy War being conducted by the whackos on the extreme right in our country – I found this to be a really interesting article. The argument is that, basically, if the fundie Christians insist on bringing religion into our schools, that’s fine. Just so long as we provide OTHER religions as a counterpoint. How loud do you think they’d squawk if, right after the Intelligent Design As An Alternative To Real Science class, their little fundie spawn had to go to a Wiccan bonfire, or a Pagan Goddess ritual? Fair is fair, right?

Enough for now, my lovely undead minions. Back to the mines! I need various minerals and heavy metals to build my newest doomsday device! Go! Back to work!

Don’t make me put the leeches on you…

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Phronk said...

I can't wait for Grindhouse. The only problem is finding someone to see it with. It's not exactly a mainstream summer blockbuster.

This Halloween remake scares me a bit though (in a bad way). I've heard the script is not so great - that it's got a bit of the Hannibal Rising / TCM Remake/The Beginning syndrome of overexplaining the bad guy. But Zombie has a good track record, so hopefully he can pull it off anyway.