Monday, February 09, 2009

A Panoply of Links

I realized I've been lax about posting lately. Sorry about that. Things have been crazy at both of my jobs, and I've not had time to think... much less post. So, in lieu of anything actually actually original or creative, I figured I'd throw up some links that I've been hanging onto.


This is an interesting story I found on MSNBC. I do have to say that it is very difficult to suffer the illiterate. I am often horrified by the misspellings and grammar misconduct out there. Especially from people who should know better. I can laugh at idiots who don't have the foresight or requisite grey matter to spell check before getting "Fuck The Systsem" tattooed on their body, but I can't abide by the more insidious atrocities of the English language that arebecoming more and more prevalent. I partially blame the advent of texting for some of it... but I also blame poor schooling as well. It's hard enough to be a literate person in an illiterate world, is it too much to ask that people take the time to put a coherent, properly spelled sentence together? Seriously? Anyway, my own smug, superior biases aside... I just thought it was an interesting article in that it - at the least - made me join the Facebook group, "I judge you when you use poor grammar".

Mrs. Z is perpetually busting my balls about three things when it comes to my movie watching behavior. The first is my all consuming rage and unadulterated hatred when it comes to the concept of PG-13 horror movies. The second is the psychotically murderous impulses Horror movie remakes engender. Why fuck with the classics? Why? And, finally, the third is my almost universal disdain for m0vie sequels. She finds it amusing that I will, generally, hate sequels. And I will be the first to admit it is true. Nothing upsets me more than to have a great initial movie, followed up by a sequel that is weak, stupid, and totally ignores the things that made the first so great. It's even worse with movies I'm looking forward to. If, after seeing the sequel, I'm underwhelmed... she goes on - as nauseum - about how I'm a movie snob. I do think some of what she says is valid, but not all of it. I don't think it's too much to ask that a great movie be given just as much care and affection as the original. In fact, it is the same sort of thinking by the suits in corporate Hollywood that makes me so hate PG-13 horror. It's more about capitalizing on the first then it is about actually building on the mythology or story of the progenitor. And, despite the 99% of sequels to the contrary - it is possible to do a good sequel. It's been done. I look to Aliens, or Matrix Reloaded, or Spiderman 2, or Dawn of the Dead as examples of great sequels. But, for every Terminator 2; there's a Matrix Revolutions, or Resident Evil anything out there. The tragedy is that the sequels actually hurt the original in my mind. (That's right Alien versus Predator, I'm looking at you, you steaming pile of crap!) . Anyway, this article does a great job of dissecting why horror sequels do so badly... I couldn’t have written it better myself…

Putting this post up for two reasons... 1) What a kick ass name for a bike company, and 2) it's just a neat, environmentally cool idea. I love bikes. I'm a mountain biker (or used to be. I'm not so much anymore, as evidenced by the horrifyingly rapid expansion of my waistline. What I wouldn't give for a life threatening case of dysentery, or a good sized tape worm. My BMI would love the therapeutic weight loss of a good binge and purge.) Truthfully, I'd never buy a SpookyTooth bike as the cost would be better spent on a back up used, Craigslist motorcycle... but cool nonetheless.

Not sure if this counts as porn or not... but it was just kind of morbidly fascinating to me. Some background - the site was put up by a 25 year old woman who is in training to be a midwife. She and her boyfriend decided to track the changes her cervix went through for the duration of her one month cycle. It was forwarded to me by some guy who was looking at it like any immature 12 year old would. (i.e.; "Ew! pictures of a vagina! Ha! Girls are icky!" ). The thing is, I find it fascinating in that it's an insight into the human body and a glimpse into the intracacies of the mysterious female part of the species. Not sure how you feel about it but, like I said, I think it's absolutely fascinating. Additionally, I'm impressed by the braveness the website creator showed in posting what is probably the most intimate, private part of her body. {Disclaimer: No actual recognizable pictures of a hoo-haw, but it may still be slightly NSFW. It IS pictures of a cervix and it might be hard to explain to your cubemates or boss if they look over your shoulder; at least not without it sounding too creepy or like you've got such a porn/fetish addiction that you need to look at girly naughty bits at work. Not gross either, but there's lots of...well ... pink parts. Open at your own risk!)

Now, to totally destroy any goodwill that last link might have gained me among my female readership... and lest you think I may actually be enlightened by the beauty of strong women who are proud of their femininity...ahem... OH MY GAWD!!! GEEK ALERT! GEEK ALERT! All I'll say about this site is that I NEED to go to more comic book conventions! There're some HOT chicks there! There's all kinds of personal kink fantasies of Dr. Zombie on these pages! Mmmm.... Wonder Woman. Mmmm... Princess Leia. Mmmmm... Triana Orpheus.

Time for a confession. While most of my preferred music is a mix of classical, alternative, classic rock, and heaping gobs of Goth/Industrial/Dark Wave/EBM, I do have a fondness for Eminem. I know, I know. Not what you'd expect from Doctor Zombie... but it is what it is. I think the appeal of Eminem (when I hate most other Rap music) is his ability to rhyme. He appeals to the poet in me. That and I respect his blatant honesty and the in-your-face-I-don't-give-a-fuck attitude. He's also funny as hell. Anyway, this article about his life and his return to music after retiring was revealing and - truthfully - made me respect him more. Not sure why I felt the need to post it, but I think it's a well written piece... even considering it was written by the British press which is notoriously biased and yellow.

In the human depravity and shocking behavior arena - I was reading something else a few weeks ago and they mentioned Carl Tanzler in passing as a necrophile. The story was lean on details, but the morbid fuck that I am, I sure as shit picked up on the necrophilia part. So I did a quick search and came up with this wondrous story of human depravity, insanity, and corpse abuse. Check it out. I am honestly disappointed that I hadn't heard about this nutjob before. I consider myself a student of psychopaths, serial killers, and all around whack-a-doos... and I honestly can't explain how this 1930's-era crime slipped under my radar so long! Enjoy! Revel in the insanity of Count Carl von Cosler!

Finally - this is a little late because it was at the bottom of the links I've collected over the last couple months, but it is just funny as hell! Check out the Smoking Gun's top mugshots of 2008 and thank the dark pagan gods that you aren't one of these people, or - for that matter- one of their parents, children, brothers, sisters, or even distant cousins. Giggles for all!

That's all for now, dear readers! Unpleasant dreams!

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