Friday, March 13, 2009

More VOICES!!!

So - in my search for yesterday's post, I found this alternative that, quite frankly, is just as brilliant.

Filet O' Fish, by the way, is my favorite thing on the McDonald's menu. And I know it's very likely the most unhealthy thing they have.... but it's soooo good!

This, too, has suddenly gotten stuck in my head.

And, in order to ensure that this post maintains it's rating as an approved educational posting as per US Department of Education guidelines... the phenomenon where a song or phrase gets stuck in your head is known as an earworm. Oddly appropriate, huh?

So, things like the Scooby Doo theme, The Filet O'Fish song, the name of writer/philosopher Deepak Chopra, the Brady Bunch theme, or the penultimate earworm - the theme to Gilligan's Island - are all part of this odd and exceedingly annoying quirk of human evolution.

Don't you feel smarter now?

BTW - As an aside, I started training for the Cleveland Triathlon this week (Mrs. Zombie's employer is the title charity for it)... but it's really hard to not succumb to all of this marketing. It's Lent, which means the Filet O' Fish is cheap (2 for $3.33!!!), and next week is St. Paddy's, so they have the Shamrock Shake available.

Jesus! What's a fat-ass with poor impulse control issues supposed to frackin' do?!?


Mojito Libre said...

You're seriously training for the triathlon? I'm still trying to gear myself up for a run around the block when the weather gets warmer.

My weakness are those grease piles they call the Bagel, egg and steak for breakfast. Thank God I only find myself at McDonald's for breakfast maybe once or twice a year.

Dr. Zombie said...

Training may be too strong a word... it's more an exercise in panting, wheezing, and imminent heart failure and/or a stroke.

Add to that the unnaturally excessive sweat...

It's not pretty, brother. It's not pretty at all.. : )

Mojito Libre said...

I had that feeling once. 9 months later, my son was born ;-)