Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween-ish Treats - Nekrogoblikon

I wanted to share this with you because its tangentially Halloween related, but also touches on two of my other favorite things - gaming nerdery and kick ass metal music.

An acquaintance of mine posted this video over on Facebook and I have found a new band that I absolutely love. They're called Necrogoblikon.

I will be the first to admit that I am at an age where I tend to wallow in the music of my youth. Yes, I know I still love old school Goth and Industrial - things like Revolting Cocks, Frontline Assembly, classic Ministry, Sisters of Mercy, or The Cure. I still like a lot of the music I listened to when I was in college and my twenties.

But, I do have mutable tastes. I can like new things. Pandora's great for that. There's all kinds of great new music out there that I love. Bands like VNV Nation, or Zombie Girl, or Wumpscut, or Neuroticfish, or Unter Null. And, despite Mrs. Zombie's arguments otherwise, I do listen to other music besides my 'weird untz-untz-untz or gloomy, I want to cut myself' music (her words).

I love music in all of its forms and occasionally do venture outside of what many of my friends or minions wold expect. For instance, I've recently become fascinated with the South african rap/rave artists, Die Antwoord. I love them, their style, the sound of their music, and especially their 'fuck the world' attitude.

But, a little closer to what one would think old Dr. Zombie would listen to, we have Nekrogoblikon. Out of LA, they've only done a few albums... but they're our kind of metal.

Their songs are a harsh, brutal, guttural homage to their favorite subject - goblins - and is filled with all kinds of other D&D inspired imagery. In fact, their music is a mix of classic thrash metal, sprinkled with a bit of poisonous Norwegian death metal, and liberally sprayed with the blood of an unapologetic adherence to their goblin-esque personas.

I'm including these in my Halloween Treats series because Halloween is about ghosts and ghouls and goblins - and because I have been listening to a lot of their stuff lately. Give them a try, and check out their website (Click Here for Nekrogoblikon's Official Site).

I said in last night's post that - if i was going to start a band - I'd love to do something like Van Helsing's Curse. That's only partly true because there are a few other types of bands I'd like to try. A metal band devoted to geekish themes like Dungeons & Dragons, or Horror Metal, runs a close second. Maybe if we could get some kick ass bagpipes in the mix, that'd be even cooler. So, Nekrogoblikon? Yeah I want to be these guys!

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