Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Treats - Classic Dancing Skeletons!

I love old cartoons. And by old, I mean the pre-World War II variety - when they were still trying to perfect the art. It was a different time and it reflected a mindset that is alien to us today. From the casual, offhand violence to the strange jerkiness of hand drawn cells - there's something so cool about old toons.

I especially love this one. Made in 1929, it captures the vintage Halloween feel exquisitely.  It manages to juxtapose the creepy imagery of Halloween with swinging, happy orchestral music.

One rarely sees this sort of awesomeness nowadays.

Nothing says Halloween like a bunch of spooky skeletons dancing in graveyard!


Groundcat said...

love this one! do we sound like old grumpy people if we say 'they just don't make 'em like this anymore'?

Groundcat said...

btw, here's a better quality version http://youtu.be/h03QBNVwX8Q

Dr. Zombie said...

Totally not, GC, because they DON'T make them like this anymore. Although I love the newer stuff (Futurama is brilliant - and the Venture Brothers are deliciously profane), but there's something to be said for old school animation. It's the same awesomeness as old classic movies. Thanks for the link!