Monday, April 28, 2014

Box of Dread - April 2014 - Unboxing

Spent a few days camping in the Wayne National Forest this weekend, and came home to find the April 2014 Box of Dread waiting for me.

I'm not sure how much my regular readers enjoy these unboxing videos, but I do have to say I'm loving the video format of these posts. When I originally envisioned my Doctor Zombie persona, it was within the frame of being a horror TV host. You know, like in the 70's and 80's? A bunch of guys, dressed up like mad scientists who took over the local TV affiliate after the 11 o'clock news on Friday or Saturday night… and made bad jokes and played kick ass horror and monster movies; things like classic Hammer films, or Night of the Living Dead, or classic Universal monsters flicks, or even Grindhouse-style films.

I could see this becoming a more structured show, and I'm kind of playing with the format with these unboxing videos. Perhaps you're seeing the unnatural mutation of Dr. Zombie's Midnight Theater of Terror?!

But I digress. Check out the unboxing video and, if you haven't put down the $20 drachma or shekels or whatever to get on the Box of Dread bandwagon… do so now! I LOVE ME SOME BOX OF DREAD!

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