Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Project Spooky Door - Week Two

I came in on Monday, and someone had removed last week's Spooky Door sign.

It's really early in the game, and I've already made an enemy!

 I'm used to that, though. Someone's got to be the good guy, the Dudley Do-Right, the hero… and someone's got to be the villain, the bad guy.

For the record, I'm the bad guy here. I wanted to be clear about that.

So, like Moriarty and Holmes, our battle of wills has begun. I'll warn you though, faceless do-gooder, you have underestimated your opponent. As your newfound nemesis, you'll find yourself unworthy of my evil -- due to your undoubtedly limited intellect, creativity, and laziness. So it has begun, so shall it end…  in your grisly, painful death!

Anyway, melodramatics aside, Week Two of the Spooky Door project finds us giving into my own proclivities. There's not REALLY a Death Ray in the electrical room with the scary sign. If someone, say an undead evil genius who's name rhymes with… I don't know… Moctor Crombie? Anyway, if this mad scientist had himself a really real Death Ra, he most definitely wouldn't store it at work.

It'd be stored deep in his underground… well, never mind where he'd store it. The point is, as far as I know, there really may be one in there. Hence the need for PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT.

So, this weeks sign…

And a better picture of the bald, evil genius on the sign…

Should this whole door thing be as funny as I think it is? I think I'm getting way more amusement out of this than I should. Seriously. 

 Of course, if you agree that I am, in fact, getting way too much amusement out of something so simple as this, you probably suck. If that's the case, stand still and wait a minute… Imma get mah Deaf Ray and liquimidate you! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA! 

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Haunted said...

Love it! Especially now that a white hat has stepped into the picture! I am rooting for the evil genius this time.