Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Project Spooky Door - Week Three

So, my sign made it up a whole week this last time. I replaced it yesterday and found it had been removed over the weekend. Someone has no sense of humor.

In an interesting quirk of fate, the company I work for, here in evil corporate world, is a subsidiary of a larger conglomerate. They dabble in the financial industry, but their bread and butter is manufacturing.

They make all kinds of interesting things, things like ion/nuclear based terraforming generators, planetary mining equipment. They also dabble in commercial space vessel building, colonizing outer rim worlds, and private off world prisons. That's not to mention their lucrative government contract. Their massive synthetics program has both commercial and military applications, and the fact that they have their own private army - The Colonial Space Marines - makes them a true multinational/trans-galactic conglomerate of immense reach.

That's right, we are a lesser known branch of the Weyland-Yutani corporation. 

I've heard strange things around the water cooler. I've heard that they've a secret facility out in Nevada, in the Groom Lake area. They took it over from the US Government some years back. They're doing strange weapons research out there. The words gotten out to the peaceniks too. The company, in order to make sure there's no homegrown terrorist shenanigans that might derail their not-so-secret xenomorph weapons research, have decided to spread the research - and its disturbing and alien specimens - amongst its cast corporate holdings.

Which brings us to this week's Spooky Door.

Could there be things lurking back there? Alien things?

Things with acid blood and sharp, metallic teeth?

I don't know. Maybe. Nobody knows what truly may be hiding behind the Spooky Door.  That's all I'm saying…

Mostly they come at night.


Author's Note: I posted the Alien sign on the Spooky Door yesterday, not having any idea that H.R. Giger - the xenomorph's delightfully twisted creator - had passed. 

Giger was a talented artist who had such an insanely unique vision. His art has been, and continues to be the stuff of nightmares… and I love it. 

My brother, Richie, has a copy of Giger's book, 'Biomechanics', and it is something that I - to this day - covet. Giger's weird mix of the organic and the mechanical, the hard metal and sensually fleshy is unlike anything any artist had ever done… and his grotesque, ultra-modern demonic imagery became one of the most iconic horror monsters of all time. Alien remains, to this day, one of the best horror movies ever made. And my unconditional appraisal of it as such, is largely because of how incredible Giger's designs were. 

H.R Giger will be missed. 

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