Monday, January 26, 2015

An introduction to Horror Block

I was previously doing unboxing videos for the Dread Central Box of Dread here in the Midnight Theater of Terror, but I stopped my subscription to them and made the switch about six months ago to Horror Block.

Now that I've tried both, I decided to do a video to just explain the hows and whys of my switch to Horror Block, discuss the added bonus of monthly horror-themed t-shirts, and to also explain my reasoning behind switching.

Related to that, I just received, not ten minutes ago, my confirmation that my January Horror Block has shipped. When I get it, I'll post up an unboxing video. You can count on future unboxing videos showing up on a regular, monthly basis.

One final thought: I don't get anything for doing these videos other than satisfying my need for attention and my unrequited desire to become a Youtube Horror Host star. Hopefully I can introduce others to mystery boxes, take some of the apprehension out of spending money on of them, and share my love for horror-themed memorabilia and horror wear!

Check it out!

To subscribe and get your own Horror Block, clickety-click here!

1 comment:

Bob Johns said...

yeah just got my last Box of Dread this month. Its a great idea but to me they fall short compared to Horror Blox