Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Operation Dwarven Beard 2.0: The Yeard!

So, not necessarily horror related, but I thought I've give an update on my most recent project. You see, it's now the first week of February. Way back in November, there's this little thing called "No-Shave November". Basically, men don't shave.

For Cancer or some other shit... but that's not important. 

What's important is that I stopped shaving, and it's kind of snowballed. 

Last year, I did the same thing, and made it until the 2nd week of December until I finally gave up and cut it back to a goatee. It was cool, and I liked it, but I think I had a family thing and I got tired of listening to the wife bitch about it. Hence the ignoble end of Operation Dwarven Beard. 

This year though, I made the commitment to a yeard.

What's a yeard, you ask? A yeard is a beard that has grown, unmolested in any way, for a year. 

It's a manly beard. A lumberjack's beard. An outdoorsy beard. A beard any viking or dwarven warrior would be proud of. And I'm going all in. 

I'll be updating now and again with the progress of said yeard, but I figured I'd get you up to speed as to where I started, and where I am today. 

We started here. I last shaved on Halloween, 10/31/2014.

I also dyed it to match my Halloween costume. I went as the Dude from The Big Lebowski. 

I pulled it off I think, although my daughter, WolfGirl, spent the evening calling me 'Fat Jesus'. She has been disowned and banished to the dungeon as a result. 

Here we are at 1 month. The growth is not good. I also still have beard dye in it. It is all bad. 

I trimmed the dye out in December. It is beginning to fill in a little better now. By the end of December, it looked like this.  

I hit my 3 month mark, the first 90 day mark, just last week. It's starting to fill in nicely and I'm starting to get some nice coloration. That said, i wish I wasn't so damned gray. I'm only 44 years old, and have been going gray since I was about 16... but I still wish it didn't make me look so damned old. 

So, some thought on what I'm going for. 

As I've said, I've dubbed this whole fiasco Operation Dwarven Beard 2.0., so it goes without saying that I'd like to look as glorious as -- say -- Gimli, son of Gloin! 

Of course, it's pretty scraggly... so I feel lie it's more like that of Trevor Slattery (Aka: The Mandarin). Here's a side by side... what do you think? 

And, in keeping with the geeky, horror theme of my blog: There's always the kick ass awesomeness of the MacReady beard from John Carpenter's The Thing! 

Although, again, with the gray, I'm sure I'll more likely fall into the vicinity of, say, Otis Driftwood from Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects. 

I can probably live with that. 

Watch for more updates! 

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Bob Johns said...

I have the same problem turning gray way to early! Keep up the good work and good luck with the wife not making you shave.