Thursday, June 08, 2006

Feeling a little venomous today...

Ann Coulter is a vicious, evil, filthy whore.

I can only hope that someone punches her in her thick, mannish jaw and forces some doctor to sew her mouth shut so we can get a few weeks of silence from her incessant, foul, racist, elitist, derogatory, and exceedingly stupid and uninformed opinions.

I hope she gets assaulted by angry polar bears (according to Nolff, this happens frequently and, in my opinion, couldn’t happen to a dirtier whore than Ann Coulter.)

I hope she develops complications when they try to remove her Adam’s apple (in her quest to further hide the fact that she’s actually a tranny) so that she’ll needs to speak through a poorly built blow hole like the bad guy in Ong-Bak.

Ann Coulter is all that is wrong with the far Right. They are racist. They are evil. They rely on deceit, inveiglement, and villification to push their evil Pro-Christian, anti-American views. Look at it this way; if I was in a tower in Texas and looking at her through a scope on a rifle, I’d have a hard time keeping my booger hook off of the bang switch.

You may think I’m being unfair to poor little Ann Coulter. You may think that, because she’s a woman, it may be misogynistic for me to say such things about Ann Coulter. You can feel free to think that. But, since this is my blog and not yours, I don’t care. If you feel sorry for Ann Coulter because myself, Matt Lauer, those evil 911 widows, and all of the liberal press is beating up on her; you’re probably a vicious, evil, filthy whore yourself.

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