Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Not Just a Writer...

I've also done some acting in my day. I mention this because my friends Spike and
Curtis are getting a reunion of some of our theater friends together next month. It should be fun.

Of course, with it being Halloween, I feel it necessary to mention I've been in a few movies here and there. That's right... Doctor Zombie is an actual actor.

In fact, there's a couple clips of the good old Doctor floating around on the internet. I've taken the time to track some down and post them up for you. Check 'em out!

Now, I'll be the first to admit I've never had an Oscar worthy performance... but I bring a certain intensity and passion to the parts I play.

Tell me what you think...

The first clip is one of my favorite roles and I did it when I was a child. I played an orphaned infant who needs to make his way in a cruel, hungry world. Roger Ebert said of my perfomance... "I've never seen such pathos, such raw emotion. It made me really hungry for spaghetti!

The next clip is from a movie I made because, truthfully, I needed the money. the sad thing is it was another childhood role and it was semi-autobiographical. I can't remember much of the production or, even, what I did with my SAG check for this one. Considering where I was in my life when I filmed this... I probably blew it all on cocaine and hookers. I recently had my 666 birthmark lasered off, by the way.

This role holds a special place in my heart. This is Mrs. Zombie's favorite movie and I met her because of it. She was so moved by my performance in this movie, she stalked me until I agreed to date her. There was this funny time on the red carpet when she gave security the slip and attacked me as I posed for a picture with my mentor, Brad Dourif. Tom Cruise was there too, and he actually shit his pants because he thought it was the return of Xenu. Tom Cruise is a tool.

Finally, we have the movie that got me three Golden Globe nominations, two People's Choice Awards, and an honorable mention at the MTV Movie Awards. I've still not forgiven Sydney Pollack or Robert Redford from stealing MY awards! Out of Africa indeed! This was a hard role for me because I decided to go the method acting route. I got together with Robert DiNero and Bruce Campbell (we were all preparing for roles at that time) and we immersed ourselves in the work. It was one of the most rewarding times in my acting career... but I haven't been able tolook at a cheeseburger, candy bar, doughnut, or Geena Davis the same since....

So -- thanks for joining me on this trip down memory lane. Ahhh... good times, good times.

And remember, I'm always available to do weddings, showers, and bar mitzvahs if you're looking for some entertainment!


Phronk said...

Haha, you had me for a second there. This is awesome. I sorta want to freak people out by taking their Facebook pictures and sending them personalized scenes.

pchak said...

" friends Spike and
Curtis are getting a reunion [together]..."

I was about to say, what a coinkydink, my wife Shelley is putting together a similiar to-do, and remembered it's the same event. It will be good to meet DZ live (or un-dead) in person, and have some cocktails at the Casa Pchak.

"The next clip is from a movie I made because, truthfully, I needed the money." Gag or not, there's too many baaaaad things that could be!!! ;-)

Dr. Zombie said...

I'm looking forward to the get together as well! Mrs. Zombie was in the basement just last night going through bins of old clothes when she ran across a seatshirt from one of our old high school plays. She dared me to wear it to the party. She quickly changed her mind when I put it on and she was repulsed by the sight of my blubberish rolls. Look at it this way... in high school I weighed 135 pounds. I wrestled at 121. I know weigh 250 pounds. You do the math and imagine what I must have looked like.

I'll let that image sink in.

Anyhoo, I'll bring the absinth... who's bringing the opium?!?

Dr. Zombie said...

Phronk - I spent hours playing with tat site and making those movies. I'm thinking I might do the same as well. Think my boss'll appreciate my putting her picture on the Alien?!?