Thursday, October 02, 2008

Trick 'r Treat

As we near Halloween, I wanted to let you in on a movie out there that has become something of an obsession for me. It's a horror movie that's been in the can for a few years, but has yet to see the light of day.

It's called Trick 'r Treat and is directed and written by Michael Dougherty; produced by Bryan Singer; and stars Brian Cox and Anna Paquin.

I first saw the trailer for this film on the DVD version of Frank Miller's 300 and I was blown away by it. I recently rewatched the 300 and was totally reminded about Trick 'r Treat and set about getting information on it because I've heard NOTHING about what looked like, to me, one of the coolest horror movies in a long while.

The trailer I saw was moody, dark, and visually breathtaking. It encapsulated all of the true creepy goodness of Halloween and looked like it had the hallmarks of being a classic. I know those are strong words, especially based on only seeing a 2 and half minute trailer, but I stand by the fact that this film looks fucking awesome.

It has visuals that would make Tim Burton or Guillermo Del Toro proud... it has the look and feel of an 80's era horror movie (which some might argue was the heyday of scare and slasher horror)... and it just feels like a great horror film.

The trailer can be seen here, or if it's no longer available there... can be seen on Youtube here. Finally, here's a slightly retooled one from Warner Bros., who has become the final owner of the film.

Tell me what YOU think!

So, if it's such an incredible movie, where the hell is it?

Well - after wallowing for years in the can, and after having been sold and resold to like five different studios... it looks like it's finally getting its due. It will be headlining ScreamFest on 10/10 in LA and - we can only hope - that it comes to theaters or DVD soon thereafter. In fact, there's talk that it will be receiving a direct to video realease... let's just hope it's soon. Please!!!

Everything I've read about this film, and everything that's been written by people who've seen advanced copies, indicates that this film is horror gold.

Does it have the genre twisting qualities that some reviewers have given it? I don't think so, and I wouldn't dare to presume it does (I've been disappointed too many times). But it most certainly has the potential.

So - in addition to Quarantine and Saw V, this is on the must see list for the holiday season (if it actually DOES come out in the next few months. I guess ScreamFest will be the make or break for it and for Warner Bros. If it does well there, we can expect to see it on DVD.

Doctor Zombie, for one, will be there to buy one of the first copies. In fact, when it does come out... and if you're in the Cleveland area... feel free to shoot me an email and I'll arrange a viewing party for all of you, my faithful ghouls, in the Midnight Theater of Terror.

You bring the beer and popcorn, and I'll bring the sharp, pointy knives (for the pumpkin carving, of course!)


Bill Polewchak said...

Looks like one Hell of movie. Production values look really good.

You'd think they'd want to make some money back on this.


the hubby and i watched the trailer for this and are so excited for it to someday be released.

what's funny is that is selling a book about the movie, before the damn movie is released!

glittergirl said...

it's being released on DVD on october 6th!