Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Metallica Rules!

Nice title, huh? Imagine me saying that, wearing my Metallica Ride The Lightning t-shirt, with ripped jeans, and a mullet.

Scary image, huh?

So why am I titling this, "Metallica Rules?" Well, mainly because they do. I found this yesterday and I wanted to get it posted up ASAP.

You need to go, RIGHT NOW, and check out Metallica's new video for "All Nightmare Long". It's all about, as the title says, Spores, Soviets, and Zombies. Yes, zombies. This is totally kick ass! The beginning is incredible and well put together (although poorly CGI'd), and the middle is somewhat disappointing, but the disappointment is purely a result of the switch to Heavy Metal-like animation.

But then, when you think about it, Heavy Metal fucking rocked.. so it's okay! I love it!

Let's see, what other links have I been sitting on a while?

Oh, here's a great (although somewhat lengthy) blog post by Roger Ebert about Ben Stein's scientifically sparse pro-Intelligent Design and Creationism documentary, Expelled. It's a great read and well put together. For my part, I think ID proponents are nuttier than squirrel shit... but to each his own. IF you want to believe that some benevolent sky elf put people on the Earth and that it's insulting to think that we're related to monkeys, fish, or prehistoric protozaoans - that's your deal. Don't expect me to tolerate your trying to teach your voodoo to my kids. And voodoo is what it is... Intelligent Design was created specifically to backdoor Creationism back into schools. One of the better points that Ebert makes is the idea of 'excluding the middle'. This movie does a whole lot of that. It pushes the idea that Evangelical Christians believe in Creationism, and everybody else who doesn't subscribe to it is wrong. And, when attention is drawn to the middle that they're excluding (mainly Christians who may actually believe in Evolution) they're written off as 'Liberal' Christians and are marginalized. Ahhh... "Liberal". That evil label that the right uses all the time to discredit anyone who doesn't believe what they do and is used to somehow suggest that those who are labeled are inferior, ignorant, and weak. Anyway... a great read, so check it out.

I do want to make one more point, and several people made comments to this effect on Ebert's blog post. I do see that there is bias in other documentaries out there. Michael Moore, Bill Maher, and Morgan Spurlock's documentaries come to mind. In fact, I see this as a tremendous failing in most current documentaries and - by way of extension - Hollywood's way of thinking. Liberal or conservative, there is this unneccessary political bias to these sorts of documentaries and I do want to concede that the Left is just as guilty of this as the Right.

But that doesn't mean I still won't make fun of the Right-wing, Fundie loonies!

In other zombie related news... Rob Zombie has a new website with all things Zombie on it. There's great web design work here and there are tons of cool links. Especially to my favorite t-shirt shop, Halloweentown. I have a collection of cool horror related t-shirts and the majority come from Halloweentown. Also, if you're as big a Rob Zombie fan as doctor Zombie is... you can actually get Rob Zombie autographed memoribilia from them. It's been a while since I checked, but they had autographed DVD's of Rob's movies, Posters, and thing slike that. Way cool, brother. Way cool.

Also, the new site is a great place to keeop track of the upcoming release of Rob's new animated feature - The Haunted World of El Superbeasto...

Finally - because I find that I'm fascinated by news stories about cannibalism... there's this news piece. I don't know what my obsession with cannibalism is, and I know it's probably creepy as hell, but I just can't seem to get enough of stories about the depths of depravity and starvation one must reach to gnaw on some long pork. Best quote of the story? "It tasted like beef."

That's all, dear readers. I'm on my way down to the lab nwo to fire up the charcoal and find some barbecue sauce. I'm feeling a tad peckish..


Anonymous said...

i stumbled upon your blog and found it very interesting! please drop by and check mine out when you get some time.
stay true~

Dr. Zombie said...

Full Moon!

Way cool site, and some deliciously morbid photos - adding you to my blogroll!

Dr. Z.