Saturday, December 06, 2008

Winter Solstice is Upon Us...

Interesting article from CNN. I always find it the amusing that the religious True Believers scream so loudly about the fact that religion is being attacked, and that there's some shadowy conspiracy to destroy Christianity; and yet they'll be the first to freak out and immediately try to censor (or do a book burning) when an atheist says something they don't agree with.

So... I thought I'd point out that this holiday season hasn't always been about a baby in Bethlehem. This time of year was a celebration of another decidedly Pagan sort and the Christians subverted it for their own purposes.

As the sign that was stolen says...

At this season of THE WINTER SOLSTICE may reason prevail.

There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell.

There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstitionthat hardens hearts and enslaves minds.

Either way, Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, or joyful whatever to you and yours.

As the American Humanist Group wrote... "Why believe in God? Just be good for goodness sake!"


glittergirl said...

wow. amazing post. i totally agree with the point about respecting others religious beliefs. i just wish others would extend us the same courtesy and respect our religious non-beliefs!

(side note: when i do spell check, i see i am spelling "religious" wrong. i also never know how to spell "exercise", which makes me a chubby atheist! LOL!)

Dr. Zombie said...

glittergirl -

Religious? Religiulous? Isn't that the new Bill Maher movie?!? : )

(Which is totally on the list of must see movies. Check out the trailer if you haven't seen it yet. Hilarious!)

And the whole respect thing really sticks in my craw too! I especially hate when someone who's 'with Jeebus' inadvertantly finds out that you're an Atheist. They treat you like a retarded child and say things like, "You're not REALLY an Atheist. You believe. You're just being rebellious!"

Patronizing smugness drives me insane!

glittergirl said...

ya know what else drives me crazy? when my husband sets the radio alarm clock to wake me up to the christian radio station.

this morning is was "GLORY TO THE KING!!!!!"

ok, maybe i laughed.....