Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where Dr. Zombie's Soul Dies...

...a little bit everyday.

We got a really nice new camera for work and I was playing around with it in my cube. It's a Nikon D40 and it takes some awesome pictures, even when you're just pointing and shooting.

So, I thought I'd post them up so you could see where Dr. Zombie works when he's not building death rays in his lab beneath the Midnight Theater of Terror!

The view as you approach the Cube of Doom!

The shelf with my Stars Wars/Star Trek/Horror/Voodoo/Happy Meal toys. Yes, it's like a kindergarten playroom at my desk!(Take special note of my uber-tactical Maxpedition Last Resort attache case. It carries my laptop and most anything I need to get home in case there's an EMP or zombie apocalypse.)

A closer look at the shelf of fun!

Pictures, cartoons, Starfleet communicators, and Harley stuff...

Aaahhhh! There's Borg in the shrubbery! "You will be assimilated. resistance is fut...? Oh wait! Too late! You're already a corporate zombie. You're much too boring for The Collective. Sorry. Now, move along!"

Godzilla says... "Eeearrrcccggghh! Back to work, slacker!"

Close up of the shelf of fun and some Star Trek toys. Next to Little Jean Luc Picard is the hand from a kitschy, dollar store ceramic Jesus that my friend Chrissy had on her desk and I accidentally broke. She made me take it, hoping that it would remind me of my blasphemy and make me feel guilty. Really, it just makes me laugh. I mean, it's the hand of Jesus. On my desk! How hilarious is that?!?

My prized 20th anniversary collectible Halloween snow globe. When you shake it, it snows blood!

A little Jack, The Pumpkin King and Zero to watch over my Bic pens!

Sometimes even Doctor Zombuie gets stressed and needs the inspirational wisdom of a motivational poster. My motivator is Bruce Campbell... because he fucking rocks!

Hope you enjoyed visiting Doctor Zombie at work! We should do this more often... make it an annual thing. Like, Bring an Undead Minion to Work Day. We can get some t-shirts made. It'd be cool!


glittergirl said...

i've bid on that halloween snow (blood) globe on ebay and lost twice. i need that!!!

do you wear a utili-kilt?

Dr. Zombie said...

If it wasn't so cherished, I'd give it to you Glittergirl!

And yes, I do have and wear a Utilikilt. Although not so much lately because Mrs. Zombie - although gorgeous and smart - is also very conservative and hates when I wear it. She hates the questions and attention I get when I wear it, because I'm damned sexy in it! : )

Erin O'Brien said...

I feel a little doomed just viewing these pix. EEK!

Here is one for you.

Happy Zombolidays,

Erin O'Brien

Dr. Zombie said...

Ooohhh! I want it, Erin!


Dr. Z.

pchak said...

Nice diversion, great tour.

"The Hand of Jesus beckons you."


Dr. Zombie said...

Pchak - - or, we could go all Max Von Sydow and "The Exorcist"...

"The Hand of Jesus compells you! The hand of Jesus compells you!"

: )

pchak said...

even better! Subconsciously, I may have even been thinking that, as the meter of the line was what amused me. Just didn't connect the dots.

Anyway, I won't have to worry about diving out a window. I'm on the first floor.

Dr. Zombie said...


Now I'm thinking all kinds of blasphemy and relating it to movie quotes.

"Get your dismembered paw off of me, you damned dirty messiah!" (Planet of the Apes)

"Damn you! Give me back my hand!" (Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn)

Jesus: We can do anything!
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Yeah? Try clapping!

"I know it was you, Fredo! You broke my hand!"

"I say we fall back and nuke the hand from orbit... it's the only way to be sure." Aliens

I'm going to hell, aren't I? : )

pchak said...

or, from the Blues Brother, as I was quoting yesterday:
"Wrong hand, sir."

Or one that needs no modification from Animal House:

"Keep you hand(s) and feet away from his face."

I use the Aliens quote quite a bit here at the office, when I'm trying to describe some stupid problem that we've "inherited" (i.e., somebody else's mess that's been foisted upon us to fix).

Going to Hell in a HANDbasket, I'd say...

Rangel said...

You Rock!
This Blog Rocks!

(Bruce Campbell rocks too!)

Greetz from Portugal!