Monday, January 16, 2006


So I’ve rewritten this post like 4 times because has had some technical issues. In the 4th retelling, it’s lost some of its initial punch and spontaneity. Sorry about that….

I just got an email from my friend, Christine. She's finally gotten around to reading the blog. That makes the grand total of my readership somewhere in the ballpark of...2. Hey, I'm vain enough to be happy with that. I'll take what I can get! Of course, she had to make the comment that this blog would make a damning piece of evidence against me at my inevitable trial for mass murder; and I have to say I probably agree. But that's what you get with the good Doctor - - complete, unedited, gruesome honesty. You don't like it? Too f'in bad! I found some really cool links, most of them over at at, but I just thought they were worth looking at...

The first is this one. How in the HELL do they find this guy sane!?! Of course, they are going to be making a German language movie based on this guy's story. I really hope they subtitle it and make it available here in the US. I'm sure that someone will get a bootleg, subtitled version on one of the horror websites I frequent, so I'll keep you posted if I get my cold, dead hands on a copy. Real life Hannibal Lectors rule!

You've gotta admit, this guy should get points for being honest! I don't know what's funnier, the guys background and story, the funny pictures of him with a cloak and sword, or the fact that he thinks that Christian America would let him anywhere near the Minnesota governor's mansion, much less the White House. He's so proud of his Alterna-Religion wackiness! Please. Here's some free advice from a real evil genius. Don't be honest about what or who you are. If you want to become a politician, hide what you are, toe the corporate/political line, go undercover. Never let anyone know your true agenda. Then, once you infiltrate the halls of power, once you've fooled them all into thinking you are exactly what every other politician is, you spring the trap! You reveal your true evilness and bathe in the glory when the helpless masses who put you there are unable to do a damn thing about it! Kill the men and revel in the lamentation of their women! This is the way to true power; not by posting a site letting them all in on your evil machinations. Sheesh! It's called lying numbnuts, try it some time…hell – it works for real politicians every day.

Star Trek Alert! Red Alert! Raise shields and arm photon torpedoes! So I saw this at and I have to admit it gave me an initial tingly twinge in my geeky parts. But then I sobered and shook it off. Damn you Paramount Pictures, and damn you Majel Roddenberry! Did you think I was so easily seduced?!? Did you think I forgot the horror that was Star Trek: Nemesis? Did you think the scars didn’t run that deep? I’ll not be sucked in this time, I swear I won’t! (Of course, I will probably shill out the few drachmas to see this. What the hell - - I’m an unrepentant sci-fi geek. But, for gods’ sake, let the Next Generation cast go! Especially Patrick Stewart. Granted, I believe he is a god among men. Who else could so convincingly embody such great characters as Jean Luc Picard, Gurney Halleck, Charles Xavier, and a damn fine Ebeneezer Scrooge? But, given all of that, let the character retire to the pleasure planet of Risa already. The producers should go for Star Trek: DS9 (which ended so poorly), or Star Trek: Enterprise. There’s tons of unmined potential in either of those. And, in the name of all that is holy…please don’t even think about resurrecting Star Trek: Voyager. Please. Shudder.)

I saw this and was mildly pleased with the explanation of an ages old question. It’s a great melding of philosphy, logic, theology, mathematics, and quantum mechanics. It’s a little deep, but sometimes I dig the deep stuff…

Before I wrap up, I wanted to make a few points to my one or two sole readers… thanks for the support, stop back often, tell others about me. And check out my Frapr map in the links to the left. Make sure you join the Undead Minions - -if only so I don’t look like such a lonely dork!

I will probably post an excerpt from my new novel in the next day or two. If you stumble across the site, and have any feeback, let me know. It’d be greatly appreciated.

Good night dear reader. Unpleasant dreams.

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