Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So the Prophet Muhammed walks into a bar...

So I’ve been keeping an eye on the whole ‘Muslim Cartoon’ thing and I had a few observations.

The first is, why in the hell is the US not proclaiming – loud and proud – that free expression is an inarguable right?!? It doesn’t matter if the expression is offensive, live with it. Too damn bad if you don’t like it. If we’re arrogant to invade a sovereign country that, ironically, was a secular standout in the Islamic Fundamentalist stew that is the Middle East; we should be have the balls to say “Fuck you if you can’t take a joke. Remember that the next time you call us the ‘Great Satan’, or ‘Puppets of The Zionists”; or the next time you fly one of our PLANES INTO ONE OF OUR BUILDINGS!” Sheesh! What do we care if we come out behind the Danes? The Muslim world hates us already. What’s one more check mark on their wacky list of reasons to despise us because of our freedom?

My second thought on this is that Islamic Fundamentalists are just plain crazy. Absolutely, undeniably, apeshit crazy. What is so ironic is that Imams all over the US are constantly saying, “Don’t judge all of Islam based on the fanatcism of a few Fundamentalists. Islam is a religion of peace!” And I kind of bought this. I mean, many people from overseas judge Americans based on the Christian morons that dominate our current political and governmental makeup. They assume we’re all cowboys who believe that “America’s God’s Country, dammit!” And I believed that Islam is a religion of peace… that is, until you commit what they consider blaspemy. Whoa! Watch out! If you have the unmitigated nerve to draw a cartoon based on The Prophet Muhammed, then all of those reasonable, peace-loving Islamics become stark raving lunatics. The rabid fervor and hatred that they ALL seem capable of is unbelievable. I guess I suffer from a little bit of culture shock here but - jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! – one little cartoon and suddenly there’s a Jihad and everyone who wears a burqua or a turban is throwing rocks, burning effigies, shooting Ak47’s, storming embassies, and calling for the death of all who don’t believe! And that’s just scary. Religious fervor cloaked in righteousness and a desire to painfully kill all non-believers is something that the Western world did away with three or so centuries ago, FOR GOOD REASON. Apparently there’s more NON-peaceful Muslims out there then the Imams are letting on. As near as I can figure - - almost ALL of them are wacko. And, may all of the Pagan Gods preserve us – Iran is working on a nuclear bomb. Shudder. Either way, I’ll keep watching how this plays out. Are there enough Muslims and Islamic Fundies to invade the US ala Red Dawn? Hmmmm…

And, because I’m free and, also, for the sake of freedom of expression; here’s a link to a blog that has posted many of the supposedly blasphemous cartoons that have plunged Europe and the Middle East into such an uproar. My take: Let the Middle Eastern nutbags declare Jihad on me for linking to cartoons that defile their prophet. Bring it on. You’ll find that I’m almost as crazy as you are and that I also have a slight advantage over you. Whereas your killing rage is driven by emotion and indignation, mine is not. I’m a sociopath. So, step up Abdullah. I dare you.

You’ll find Dr. Zombie an enemy the likes of which you’ve never seen.

LATER: I just wanted to add…remember that stuff I said a few days ago? About how I felt for the Palestinian people? Can I take that back? Now I read that an Iranian newspaper is sponsoring a Holocaust caricture cartoon competition. Again, freedom of expression and all and what’s good for the goose is good for the turbaned gander; but come on. How does an insult by a Danish newspaper suddenly become a dig at Israel? Denmark and Israel, both geographically and racially, are a world and a half apart. Of course, as some of the coverage I’ve read has made abundantly clear, this ‘contest’ to find Holocaust mocking art is really NO different from EVERY DAY in Islamic newspapers.

Alos, I wanted to comment on the incursions by the Mexican military into the US on the border. Last time I checked, armed military people from another country coming into the US and firing on US law enforcement personnel was AN ACT OF WAR. It is an invasion. Maybe Coolidge’s concept of Isolationism wasn’t such a bad idea. We need to build a big wall across the US/Mexico border. One like the one around NYC in Escape From New York. And if the corrupt, drug running Mexican military decides to throw a few shots at the US Border Patrol as it sits atop the wall; light the sons of bitches up with the biggest damn gun we could mount. Like this video of and Apache letting go on some Iraqi insurgents. Like Donald Pleasance said, “You’re the Duke! (Bang! Bang! Bang!) You’re A number 1! (Bang! Bang! Bang!)”

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