Friday, March 17, 2006

Blogger problems - repost

(This is a repost that should have posted on Thursday of last week. There were some issues with blogger, and it looks like it never posted. I'll go ahead and post this now, and then update how my weekend went later...)

I just wanted to post a few quick links before I headed to sleep in prep for tomorrow's Irish madness. I'll be starting bright and early at about 7am. I will probably bring my digital camera to snap some shots of my drunken revelry/idiocy. Just what you wanted to see - I'm sure...a drunken, bald, kilt-wearing, undead Irish Doctor staggering about the streets of Downtown Cleveland.

Ceade Ma Failte!

This is a really cool link. It’s this sort of pointless discussion that makes the internet so damn cool for those of us – like myself – who actually spend time thinking about such inane matters… My thought is that the undead zombification process slows the normal rot of human flesh. Perhaps something about the unwholesome and unnatural process makes the body less hospitable or appealing to the microbes and bacteria that cause decomposition. At least that’s how I explain why I’M still up and walking around…

And from the “There-but-for-the-grace-of-god-go-I” club… Dude, I love horror movies, but this ain’t right. And he’s British at that. If you’re going to become a movie-like serial killer, and you’re a Brit, wouldn’t it be much cooler to be someone besides Freddy Krueger or Michael Meyers? I mean, jeez, you’ve got the whole chilling English accent thing going on - - run with it. Go Hannibal Lecter, or some other cool cat. Maybe that’s why this nutjob got caught. He didn’t get all cold and “Now you die, Mr. Bond.” Instead he stabs a couple septegenarians and a middle age guy passed out from drinking too much Bass at the local pub. Dumbass. Amateurs like this make the rest of us serial killers look bad.

Finally… a shout out to Molly at MollySavesTheDay. I support what you’re doing Molly and you should be applauded. You are brave, intelligent, and should be a hero to everybody who considers themselves Pro-Choice. For those who don’t know, Molly is a fellow blogger who has posted instructions for do it yourself abortions. She did this in response to the morally smug, evil, Republican bastards who have made abortion illegal IN ALL CASES in South Dakota. These fascist, biblethumpers have set their sites on Mississippi, as well as my home state – Ohio. That big eared, lying, and grotesque buffoon at 1600 Pennsylvania has greased the skids with the Christian cronies he’s appointed to the SCOTUS; and the extreme Right is doing everything it can to turn our country into a Christian theocracy where freedoms like privacy, Choice, and religious tolerance are anachronisms.

Molly, if we survive King George II and aren’t all sent off to some northern Midwest gulag, or Christian re-education camp, you’ll be remembered as a patriot for doing the unthinkable to drive some sense into anybody who thinks it’s not going to happen to them!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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