Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Blue Zombie

So I've decided to post some pics of my Jeep, The Blue Zombie. (My kids named it that. Seriously.) One of the Jeep forums I'm on regularly ( has a Before and After section and I wanted to show off my pride and joy too.

Alas, I'm not known as Doctor Zombie there. When on Jeep forums, I go by "GothicJeep".

This first picture was taken about a week after I picked it up last March. As you can see, it had little bitty tires, a dumb tubular chrome bumper, and a swooping, Riceboy-like, Autozone decal on the side. Obviously, it needed some work. (Click the pictures to see a larger view...)

Here's a picture of it from the front to show off the hideously blinged out front bumper. Yech. Completely useless and all show.

Now, we have the Blue Zombie as it is today, exactly a year later. Notice the much more aggressive, rugged look. Notice the upgraded 30" tires(they're Hi-Tec Retreads), the neat-o expedition rack, and the much more functional bumper with tow hooks. I also added some side steps so the kids and Mrs. Zombie could get in and out. This is closer to how a Jeep should look.

Future Mods: 31" or 32" tires, off road lights, rocker guards (after the kids get taller!), and a 2" suspension lift. Maybe a winch. Then some interior mods like a cb, cb rack, Bestop seat covers, a rear shelf, and an upgraded stereo. And then - then the Zombie will be perfect.

Now, if I could just convince the wife to let me spend more money on it...


chrissy said...

You're such a guy.

tfg said...

Just removing that tube bumper improved the appearance 200%.

truck lift pip said...

The newly-installed lift would definitely improve your vehicle's performance!