Thursday, March 09, 2006


I've noticed some increased traffic to the site. That's pretty cool. If anything, it means I need to be better about updating. What really freaks me out is that I was walking through work the other night and someone stopped me and said they loved what I had written on my blog the other day about the carny with the fake eye. That creeped me out. I mean, how on earth did someone I work with find out about my blog? And who the hell else at work is reading it? I've gotta be honest; I felt a twinge of anxiety at the thought that people at work - and maybe BOSSES might find out about my blog. I mean, this isn't something that would be classified, in any terms, as "work safe". I mean stories about carnies, my public humiliation, and my liberal use of the f-word are not things I want potential hiring managers finding out about - - especially considering the fact that I am trying very, very hard to move to a new position in that endless search to "advance my career".

And that's saying nothing about my liberal use of "quotes" to make a point. I mean, Christ, I've used them already three times in this post alone. When you're staking your possible future job on how well you write, one would hope that I'd be more creative in terms of my own personal writing. Sheesh.

Anyway, that led me to think about whether or not I needed to tone down my language and/or rhetoric. I mean, what if a potential boss found out about this? Wouldn't a little judicious use of the edit button help me?

Then I thought: What the fuck are you saying?!? Are you insane?!? What kind of artist are you?!?

So, here's my promise, my undead minions. I will never edit myself on this blog. This is not the place for that. Besides, what sort of writer would I be if I edited myself? How could I hope to ever someday become a literary icon if I pandered to those thoughts and individuals that would serve only to water down my writing? That would make what I put down here cheap, dishonest, and (shudder) sanitary. It's like when you ty to watch a really good movie on TNT or TBS, but they've gone and dubbed different words to hide the horrible, icky, un-Christian things the movie originally said. For instance, instead of Bruce Willis looking in exhaustion at a smarmy Alan Rickman and saying, "Yippee Ki-Ay, mother fucker!"; he'd look at Alan Rickman and say, "Yippee Ki-Ay...(with a different voice) Mr. Funny Pants." That shit makes me crazy, and i just won't do it.

So, here it is. The complete and unedited Doctor Zombie, coming at you in amazing technicolor; bad attitude, vituperations, and misanthropical rants intact.

Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

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tfg said...

I'm not trying to scare you, but there have been numerous cases of employees being terminated for blogging. It seems that companies can do what ever they want these days.

A good way to keep them from finding your blog is not to read/write blog from work. More than likely, every site an employee visits is logged by the IT department.