Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Special Day

So - - October 26th is a special day for Mrs. Zombie and I. To understand why, you have to understand mine and Mrs. Zombie’s history. Let me explain…

Mrs. Zombie and I met way back in the eight grade when Mrs. Zombie was a young single girl, and I was a young, single zombie. There was an immediate attraction between us and I did what one did in the middle 80’s when a boy liked a girl. I asked her to ‘go out’ with me. In fact, we were in our mutual friend Wendy’s basement at a party, dancing to In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins. (It was about the time that the song was experiencing a resurgence in popularity because of Miami Vice). Anyway, I looked into her beautiful hazel eyes and asked her if she’d be my girlfriend. She said yes immediately, and we exchanged Mizpahs. For those of you who don’t know, Mizpahs were necklaces that were two parts of a heart with some cheesy biblical quote on them. The boy wore one, the girl wore the other, and you were officially branded as “Going Out” with somebody.

It was a halcyonic time for Mrs. Zombie and I. We were a couple, we made out, we went to dances together, she let me get to first base… all the usual stuff. Unfortunately, it would all come to an end as summer neared. Her and I disagree on the particulars surrounding who broke up with whom, but suffice it to say, we went to rival high schools and went our separate ways.

The thing is, we both kept running into each other. For example…

*** I get a high school job at the local Sears store and I’m walking through the stock room, where I run into Miss Zombie. She had just started working there also.

*** One night in High School, I’m sitting in the local Dairy Queen with my then girlfriend, and in walks Miss Zombie. We had a conversation, and I pissed off my then girlfriend for ignoring her to talk to some gorgeous blond basketball/volleyball player from our rival high school.

*** A couple years later, I’m at Bowling Green State University, rushing across campus with my face buried in a copy of Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land, when I bump into this girl, knocking her books out of her hand. I apologize and bend over to help her pick them up, and I realize it’s Miss Zombie!

Now, not being one to ignore these odd convergences of coincidence, and feeling a weird sort of dizzy happiness because she’d never really been out of my thoughts, I say, “Hey! What are you doing here?” She goes on to tell me, much to my chagrin, that she’d transferred to BGSU to be nearer to her fiancee. Sigh.

“That’s great,” says I, “Well, I’m sure I’ll see you around…”

So, fast forward ten or so years. Miss Zombie’s husband has left her and she decides to go on a trip and do some soul searching. “What,” she asks herself, “is good in your life now? What in the past has made you happy?” And it is during this time of quiet introspection that she realizes that Dr. Zombie’s always sort of been in the back of her mind. She resolves to track me down and find me once her divorce is finalized, although she’s convinced that I must be married and in another state by now.

Not a week later, she runs into an old friend. Remember I mentioned how I first asked Miss Zombie out? In our friend Wendy’s basement? Phil Collins? Sound familiar?

Anyway, this friend happens to be the same Wendy and Miss Zombie asks about me.

“Oh!” Wendy says, “I work with him now at Company X! Do you want his phone number?”

Two days later, I return from lunch to find a phone mail message. It’s Miss Zombie and we make plans for coffee.

We met on a rainy, stormy fall day. I arrived first and was drinking a cup of herbal tea when she walked into the coffee shop. I caught my breath and felt that same dizzy, giddy feeling I’d felt years earlier. I knew right then that she was going to be my wife. She said she knew at that moment also. We were caught up in the iron grasp of destiny and fate and we realized that our love was meant to be. It was right, it was pure, and we had traveled across oceans of time to be with one another.

It was October 26th 1997 and it was some 15 years after we’d first met one another.

8 months after that, we were married.

So, Mrs. Zombie - - I love you baby. You are the bright spark of goodness in my otherwise dark and evil heart. You were and are my destiny and I will always love you.

Happy anniversary…


Joshua Perdue said...

Great story. A glimmer of hope and a tear wells up in my crusty eye.

Phronk said...

Do you realize that you live in a romantic comedy movie?

But really, that was a great story. I got a bit of vicarious fuzzy warm feelings just reading it. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I was just perusing the web typing the word fate..and I came across your site. I am caught in the moment of happenstance as you and Miss Zombie were feeling.

I have ran into the same guy three times in three different locations. First time we had an English class together in college. Second time I was his cashier. 5 years later(now) our last term at a different school, we end up being in the same class together.

It is obvious to both of us that we recognize each other on every one of these encounters.

Although I'm not sure how to interpret such sublimity of life. I never really believed anything beyond coincidences before. I always believed everything in life is pure randomness. But every one of these chance encounters, I always find it surreal, dizzying, and exciting.

We have never spoken with each other about how to interpret this because I would like to avoid as much as possible to not sound like a nutcase. But it's definetely a chance for us to get to know each other since we are on the same group project.