Monday, May 01, 2006

Big News

Just a quick update – more to follow later.

I just got in from out of town as I was in the woods of Southern Ohio, hunting turkey. I didn’t kill any turkeys, and I most probably did some permanent damage to my liver with the amount of heavy drinking I did. I will take some time to type up some accounts of the weekend, because some funny stuff happened, but it’ll probably have to wait a day or two.

So – I’ve got some big news. Doctor Zombie’s Midnight Theater of Terror has been added to a list of local blogs at How cool is that?!? Of course, there’s a lot of other blogs on the list, but at least I’ll be getting some serious local exposure. Good or bad, it’ll get my writing out there. You can check out the listing here. It’s right down the list alphabetically…

I’ll try to post some more tonight, if it slows down enough for me to log on. I’ve got this whole schtick about my straight laced, conservative wife and her current exasperation with my out of control Sci-fi addiction…

Evil tidings, my undead minions!

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