Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Conspiracy Theory?

So, once again, Bush has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. This time, it’s been learned that he has been keeping track of who we call. The official party line? “Don’t worry, we’re just tracking the terrorists! American citizens don’t need to worry, we’re protecting their privacy.”

Excuse me if I don’t trust that in any way shape or form.

This administration feels it can do whatever it wants, and it’s all being done under the auspices of protecting us in our ‘War on Terror’. Well, do you know what? The government has done this in the past. Hoover kept files on those who might have been threats to America. McCarthy blacklisted and deported Americans because they might have been Communists. Need I mention how we treated the Japanese during World War II? Trite as it may be, the saying “Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it” is appropriate here. It wasn’t right then, and it isn’t right now. And if you don’t think the government doesn’t have their analysts dissecting YOUR call patterns and contacts, you are woefully naïve. The Bush Administration has this information now? Do you think they WON’T use it?

Case in point: The grotesqueries of the current administration, as led by King George II, have made clear their conservative Christian agenda. It has made clear their flagrant disregard for the rights and civil liberties of their own constituency. For the love of Pete, they are showing more respect for the mythical rights of illegal immigrants than for those of eUS born citizens! As it pertains to the wire taps and call tracing, consider this: the Bush Administration has made it exceedingly clear that they hate leaks of any kind. They are notoriously tight lipped. And any leaks that have occurred have been squashed with an iron fist. Do you think perhaps they are using the call records to track leaks, or ‘national security risks’ as they are wont to call them?

And think about it this way. What DON’T we know? Blogger and Myspace are the internet crossroads for individual self expression. The gods know I’ve railed against the Bush Administration repeatedly from my little internet soapbox. Do you think it’s never crossed some Republican, boot-licking, mid-level bureaucrat’s conniving, conspiracy theoried, conservative little mind to start looking for any dissent in this forum? It would be stupid to think they haven’t dissected the blogs of some of us and started Homeland Security files on us.

It’s been determined that especially outspoken anti-war activists have been ‘inadvertantly’ added to the TSA No-Fly list. How are they terrorists? Their only crime was to openly disagree with the Administration, so they’ve been lumped in with the Earth Liberation Front, Hamas, and Al-Quaeda. Don’t think for a minute that someone close to that drawling, big-eared, underachiever at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue wasn’t responsible for that.

And I’m so tired of the knee jerk conservative response to anti-war rhetoric as unpatriotic. I’m a member of several Jeep forums and firearms forums and I’m a minority in both incidences in that I’m a liberal. I’ve seen open calls to shoot traitors who disagree with the President and deport anyone who doesn’t support the war in Iraq. There have been calls for a reissuance of the Treason and Sedition act, and apply it to all war protestors and the ‘liberal’ media (which is patently moronic – the press is a constitutionally protected entity. Dumasses.) And, I’ve heard Conservatives spout out that, regardless of what a liberal says – we hate our troops because we don’t support Bush’s war of aggression against Iraq.


Newsflash – I love my country. I would die for my country if called on to serve. And I would do so willingly. I would do it regardless of the current administration, or the rightness or wrongness of the conflict. That being said, how am I unpatriotic?

I would argue the opposite, in fact. I am being a patriot for voicing my opposition to a corrupt government that has damaged our domestic agenda, damaged our foreign relations with Western Europe, and killed 2500+ American soldiers in a war that was started under false pretenses.

And I’m what a Christian, Conservative, Bush loving fuck knob would call his worst nightmare. I’m an angry liberal with guns. So, when they make Atheism and Liberalism illegal, I will not go quietly. I’ll take a few with me.

Which leads me, rather circuitously, back to a point I was trying to make before. I’m certain that this blog, and the divisive, anti-American (rolling eyes) views I’ve been spouting here have gotten me on a watch list of some sort. My response to that is…good.

Worry about me. I won’t shut up, and I won’t back down to the bullshit and bluster of the fundamentalist right wing.

Here’s some more fodder for my FBI file if you haven’t already gotten it, assholes. I, in a round about way, have supported terrorism. You see, I am a firm believer in reunification of Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland. I have extensively studied my own Irish heritage and I sympathize with the Irish Republican Army. In fact, I feel that violence is sometimes the only response to oppression and intimidation; such as the oppression and anti-Irish attacks by Ian Paisley’s Ulster Loyalists on Irish Catholic children.

Let me up the ante for you…in the 80’s and 90’s, I was active in and donated money to Irish Northern Aid; an organization that is an American money raising branch of Sinn Fein – which is the political arm of the IRA. Some of my money, I’m sure was used to buy weapons or finance Republican operations in Ulster. I’ve supported terrorism.

So there.

If you don’t hear from me, assume that the Secret Service has put a bullet into my brain or I’ve been detained as a ‘person of national security interest’. Either way, I did it for a good cause.


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tfg said...

I can't see any who truly loves their country can go along with must of the bullshit that's come out of Washington in the last 10 years.