Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days of Horror T-Shirts - Day 10

In 1978, recent UCLA grad John Carpenter and his partner, Debra Hill, unleashed a movie on us that changed the horror world.

Produced for a mere $325,000, and eventually grossing millions of dollars - this small budget film is considered by many to be the most successful independent film of all time.

It's contribution to horror, and film-making in general, cannot be understated.

This is the movie that created an entire horror film genre (the slasher flick), spawned a myriad of copycats that - in almost all cases - failed to match the original, and gave us a horror villain who has become synonymous with Halloween.

I'm, of course talking about John Carpenter's Halloween.

This is the perfect horror movie. From the single cut, trailing intro, to the POV shots of Michael Meyers, to the jarring, horrific goodness of John Carpenter's staccato piano score - this is one of Doctor Zombie's favorite movies. Halloween is the single most influential horror movie of the last 35 years.


I need MORE John Carpenter Halloween shirts!


glittergirl said...

oh, we have tshirts from one of those horror conventions for "the year he came home" and it's still one of my favs.

do you ever go to the cinema wasteland shindigs?

Dr. Zombie said...

I keep trying to get to them but things keep coming up. I WILL go to one of the shows next year. I have to... I feel like a total slacker otherwise! It's funny, I just had an email conversation with Ed from midnight Syndicate last week where he was giving me a hard time about being who I am and not attending a Cinema Wasteland yet. Dr. Zombie's ashamed, Ms. Glittergirl. Very very ashamed. : )

Groundcat said...

there's something about the outside Fall outdoor scenes, walking with the dead leaves cracklin' that brings it to a level that everyone can relate to. growing up in a similar hometown. big trees. i remember watchin my first horror movies at my neighbors house and then having to walk home afterwards past some 100+ year old maples that i was convinced my demise was just around the back-side. i sprinted home everytime...everytime.