Tuesday, October 04, 2011

October - 31 Days of Shirt Horror!

I've decided to do something a bit different. You see, I have a huge t-shirt collection that Mrs. Zombie absolutely hates. And the t-shirt collection is, if you couldn't guess, based on my strange prediliction for all that is horrific and Halloween-y.

So, to that end, I promised myself I'd wear a different horror or halloween themed t-shirt every day this month. I'll be updating daily, in addition to my other random October posts, showing you what horror themed shirt I'm wearing.

Now, I realize it's already 3 days into the new month. So,as not to disappoint, I'll post the t-shirts I wore the last couple of days tonight.

Watch for daily updates, feel free to comment on my odd t-shirts, or simply stop by to make fun of my embarrassingly large gut as it protrudes from shirts that are really very unbecoming on a mad scientist of my advanced years!

OCTOBER 1st - Started slow and wore my Zombie Squad tee. The ultimate in zombie extermination needs, ZS makes dead things deader!

OCTOBER 2nd - I ROCKED IT OLD SCHOOL! I wore a black sweater to work and, under it, one of my favorite shirts of all time. That's right, ya' primitive screwheads! It's my Evil Dead shirt! Remember - Shop smart, shop S-Mart!

OCTOBER 3rd - Wore a black fleece and threw this on underneath. It was a gift from the kids, but it's definitely carrying a zombie message. Plus it glows in the dark! The hell with the Walmart-ness of that, it's a zombie shirt. That glows! Fuck yeah!

OCTOBER 4th - Which Brings us to today! I had a business meeting, so I threw on one of my blue, Evil Corporate world fleeces so I could look all business casual. I threw this on underneath because it too is blue. This isn't the last Jack Skellington/ Nightmare Before Christmas tee you'll see this groovy, spooky month!

Hopefully this little experiment won't totally suck. I'm not sure how well it'll go over with my regular readers, but I thought it'd at least give me an excuse to pull out all of my cool, favorite tees!

Unpleasant dreams, dear readers!

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