Friday, October 28, 2011

31 Days of Horror T-Shirts - Day 28

More creeepiness from Unkle Creepy, hisself - Eric Pigors!

I love this shirt. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to wear it to family functions, church, the supermarket, or any place where I might be seen with Mrs. Zombie. Apparently, she finds it offensive and refuses to let me wear it around her. She says much the same thing about my Utilikilt and my Vibram Fivefingers. She said something along the lines of, "You're an attention whore who likes to stand out and look weird -- and I won't have the other PTA moms looking at me with those sad, sympathetic eyes that say, 'Look at what she married! Poor thing!'. Why can't you be more normal and not so fucking creepy and weird!?!"

Or something like that.

Anyway. I especially love this shirt because it resonates with me because of my illness. It's Frankenstein (the first zombie), he's got no nipples like Doctor Z. (just x's) and I can't help but think of what my friends Michelle and Stephen Wilson said when I first got sick. They said, "Fuck Cancer!" and that's the vibe I get from this shirt.

I will someday write a sappy, self-helpy nonfiction book about my battle with cancer and I'm going to ask Eric if I can use this for the cover.

You too can own your own kick ass Eric Pigors T-Shirt by visiting his site -

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