Sunday, October 16, 2011

31 Days of Horror T-Shirts - Day 16

Laid back day today, so I can wear one of my rattier, more threadbare shirts.

I still love this shirt though.

I bought it back in college - in the old gaming shop on W. Wooster in Bowling Green - when I was at the height of my roleplaying, card-playing, comic book reading geekery. I loved Vampire The Masquerade and Jyhad: The CCG and loved the look of this shirt. I loved the art, and loved that it was a member of the Brujah clan. I was playing Brujah all the time.

Then, it became a favorite go-to t-shirt for Goth clubbing after college.

It's much worse for the wear, it's old, it's frayed -- but I still love it.

The least I can do is wear it in honor of Halloween, while I drink some Great Lakes Nosferatu beer and watch my beloved Cleveland Browns play.

Ahhh, geeky memories...


BWolford said...

Awesome shirt Dale. I loved playing Vampire and Jyhad and Werewolf. Somany geeky memories.

David M said...

My version of this shirt finally died a couple years ago :(