Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 Days of Horror T-Shirts - Day 20

So... a couple weeks ago I wrote a review of one of my favorite bands new albums. It's especially appropriate now considering it's Halloween time.

You see, Midnight Syndicate does instrumental, dark, moody instrumental music... and I've been a fan for years.

Well, I was contacted shortly after I wrote my review (click here to read the review!) by Edward Douglas from Midnight Syndicate. He loved the review and asked to quote it for promotion. I heartily agreed.

But it gets better than that!

I'm pleased to announce that they've been kind enough to put me on their website under their "Legions of the Night" section, as well as putting a quote and a link to my story under the reviews for Carnival Arcane. Fabulous!

Please make sure you go to their site and show them some love.

I'm honored to be on their site.

And, if you haven't listened to Midnight Syndicate yet, what the fuck are you waiting for?!?

Anyway - on to today's shirt.

In honor of Midnight Syndicate and their incredibly awesome album, Carnival Arcane... I present this - one of my favorite horror, dark circus themed t-shirts!

Can't sleep, clowns will eat me....

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