Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Days of Horror T-Shirts - Day 27

Time to pull out my awesome Eric Pigors t-shirts! No artist out there captures Halloween and all of its awesomeness better than Eric Pigors does. I have several of his t-shirts and will, someday soon, have an entire half sleeve tattoo based on his artwork.

There's something about Eric's art that is such a cool retro mix of Rat Fink and
1970's horror and modern Goth. It is a perfect, twisted view of everything I love about horror and Halloween.

There's actually a picture of me wearing this particular Pigors t-shirt on his website under his fan page. Full dicslosure, that actual picture was taken on St. Patty's day at my brother Richie's, and I was pretty lit up. I was, in point of fact, skonched. I think that may have been after several Guinnesses (Guinnessi?) and at least two or three Irish Car Bombs, which just goes to show that Doctor Z. always has Halloween, busty vampire chicks, Frankensteinian monsters, and horror on his mind YEAR ROUND.

That's just how Doctor Zombie rolls, bitches!

You too can own your own kick ass Eric Pigors T-Shirt by visiting his site -

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