Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 Days of Horror T-Shirts - Day 23

Zombies are horror, right? Zombies are Halloween, right?

OK, OK... so this isn't necessraily that kind of zombie... but I really think that Rob Zombie gets it. I've loved his special brand of horror rock since the early days of White Zombie. Despite his recent movie mis-steps (that's right Halloween II, I'm looking at you, you piece of shit!), I still think he's our kind of people.

He gets horror. He loves horror. He fucking rocks. And that makes him worthy of inclusion in the Doctor Zombie 31 Days of Horror T-Shirts Retrospective.

As an aside, I'm subscribed to his Facebook page and he's been updating regularly on the current filming of his latest horror movie - The Lords of Salem. I'm holding judgement on it until I see it, and I'm sure it'll heavily feature Sherri Zombie (groan!), but I still love House of a 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects. That alone gives him some leeway in my book. We'll have to see.

Does anybody else wish he could find someone to finance and let him make Werewolf Women of the SS?!?

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glittergirl said...

i'm still recovering from the mess that was "halloween 2". don't even get me started on that... i'd rather deal with a bee then watch that mess!